From the 4/16 Show – Happy Meal More Dangerous than Adderall

Tuesday night’s show created a revelation. It started with a book written by Dr. Barry Sears called “The Zone Diet” – 1995.  

Sears was the first who brought to my attention that “food is a powerful medicine”.  Proper nutrition acts as both a preventative and a cure for many ailments.  The philosophy of a food being the best thing for your body has remarkably been passed over by the drug company marketing.

“Seniors have to choose between food and drugs” goes back to at least April 13, 2000    

The phrase is attributed to Senator Chuck Grassley.  With one out of four seniors taking as many as 10 to 19 pills daily, it appears the Pharma message has been successful marketing to the medical professions that drugs are better than food.

Recently McDonald’s was fined in Brazil for “targeting children with their Happy Meals and Toys”.   I am assuming that other jurisdictions around the world will begin to follow Brazil’s logic.

“Fact is more bazaar than fiction”. 

With at least five million children being diagnosed with “ADHD” (a Pharma term) our medical and educational establishments continue to support amphetamine based drugs as the remedy.  Drugs that affect the delicate neurotransmitters in a developing brain and affect the cardiovascular and hormonal systems of our children are handed out by the most intelligent professions in our society.

“DRUGS – NOT HUGS” has become the mainstay for treating our children most in need.

We have evolved into a society where the Happy Meal is dangerous.  We have a company paying millions of dollars in fines for enticing your child to eat a hamburger and play with a toy while eating.

Meanwhile, the same mom who has been convinced a Happy Meal is dangerous sends their child to school with a powerful mind altering drug.   The drug is given by a professional in school who is also more concerned about the ingredients in a Happy Meal than the ingredients of the pill they are jamming down the throat of the child.

Harold Hill in The Music Man said:   ” Mothers of River City, heed that warning before it’s too late!”

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