From the 4/2 Show – Warning Signs: Drug Influence and Death in the Legal System

Two stories in the last week concern the radio show.   The radio show revealed the apparent influence that a “drug dealing doctor’s” attorney may have with the state prosecuting attorney, Jeff Ashton.  More investigation and research should be conducted. 

My research started with this article by Amy Pavuk of the Orlando Sentinel.    In June 2010, Doctor Michael Moyer was arrested on charges of illegally doling out addictive painkillers from his Central Florida office.  Moyer pleaded no contest to a racketeering charge in agreements with the state that calls for the physician to serve probation — and no prison time.”

Tens of thousands have been affected by the drug dealing doctors around the country and family members are languishing in jail for much lesser distribution.

The sentence Moyer received is beyond disconcerting.

“State Attorney Jeff Ashton would not comment on the Moyer case”. 

This is not a surprise to the radio show.  Moyer’s attorney was reported as Mike LeFay.  LaFay is listed as a law partner with attorney Mark Nejame  

On September 3, 2011, Mark Nejame sent out a tweet:   “Had lunch w #jeffashton yesterday. His book on #caseyanthony will be out soon & telling much of what needs to be told.  Will be a good read.” 

This is bigger than a doctor going free for drug dealing.  The integrity of the legal system is at risk.  The drug dealers in Mexico have police, mayors and lawyers on their payroll.  Mexico is awash in drug related deaths and destruction.  Is Jeff Ashton, a State Attorney, going to go free without any further questions?

The other story in the news is that of Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum in West Virginia who was recently killed.  His murder should not be ignored nationally.  Sheriff Crum had a reputation for “cracking down on illegal prescription drug sales”  

With the FDA and DEA already being highly influenced in Washington by Pharma concerning the prescription drug trade and if we lose our law enforcement to drug related crime, every community is in danger of becoming a Ciudad Juarez.

The folk tale “Chicken Little” has the chick crying “The Sky is Falling”.    Various versions of the folk tale have various endings.   

Should the “dealings” of Jeff Ashton and the killing of Sheriff Crum continue to go unnoticed?   I guess it depends on which version of Chicken Little you prefer.

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One Response to From the 4/2 Show – Warning Signs: Drug Influence and Death in the Legal System

  1. Steve Hayes says:

    Great job Larry! You will be doing interviews on 60 Minutes soon.

    There is so much money involved that it is very easy for people to be corrupted. Not that they necessarily are stealing or taking bribes but is not corruption not putting all of your efforts into your legal responsibilities because doing so would harm a friend? All of us see things differently if it involves a friend but doing one’s duty means calling them straight or the whole process loses credibility and respect. Without credibility and respect society’s mechanisms for keeping order dissolve and we have rampant disorder.


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