From the 4/22 Show – Taxpayers Pay For the Lunacy and McDonalds Doesn’t Get It

A month ago Pat Beall from the Palm Beach Post did an excellent article revealing the money taxpayers spent financing the distribution of oxycodone within Florida during the time periods of 2010 and 2011   Beall reported that $27 million dollars was spent on oxycodone containing products alone.  “49 million doses of pills” for an estimated adult Medicaid recipient population of 1.36 million people.  Many of the transactions were generated by well publicized “pill mill doctors”.

The radio show did not attempt to speculate on how many narcotics ended up on our streets courtesy of the taxpayer funding.

Last week it was revealed that taxpayers spent more in almost four months on drug testing people applying for Temporary Assistance than the attempted savings by stopping drug users from receiving state money.  A $45,780 net loss to the state.

It appears a big winner in Florida’s drug fiasco is the urine testing companies.  The radio show asked why the drug tests are reportedly $35 a test to our state when there are companies on the internet that will sell quality tests for less than $10.  Would it be cynical to assume political contributions had anything to do with the cost to the state?

State Pays for the Drug Deal

Although the radio show agrees with Governor Scott that cash assistance should not be used to finance the drug trade, a convoluted situation has been created.

The state will pay a doctor for the office call, pay the pharmacy (middle man) for the drug deal, arrest a person who has the drugs in their pocket who was a secondary recipient of the drug deal, and pay for the incarceration for an individual that the state originally financed the bogus deal for.

Adding insult to the taxpayer, the state will pay for drug testing at inflated costs for people who have a legal prescription that was created from the drug deal that was financed from beginning to end by the taxpayer.

In today’s news a man was arrested for stealing a $1 soda from McDonalds.

Interesting that McDonalds appears more interested in saving $1 from a stolen soda than the tens of thousands of dollars it can be speculated drug and alcohol use by their employees is costing the company.

McDonalds deserves better from the American press. For the radio show, they do offer a simple example of how American business continues to miss cost savings priorities.

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  1. Loly says:

    I’m 52 years old and was a ward of the state of KY in 1976 for 6 months. I have steiors I could tell which would probably open investigations into the way we WERE treated and are STILL treated here in KY. It was completely barbaric, violent and exploitative, and it affected me until I was into my 20s, and I am sure had effects the rest of my life. I’ve been completely above-board and dirt poor for the subsequent 34 years, but I will FOREVER be branded by the experience, and NOBODY cares.

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