From the 4/29 Show – Christopher Lane and “How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness – Shyness”

The March issue of Sun Magazine  helped the radio show discover Professor Christopher Lane.  The Sun article by Arnie Cooper introduced me to Christopher’s book:  How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness – Shyness – Yale University Press

Christopher Lane displayed his in-depth insight within the early pages of the book.  Historically there are many references to the human existence of uncontrolled feelings experienced by many.   Advanced societies in reported historical writings have defined “apprehensive behavior”, including Hippocrates.

Today’s medical field, with the leadership coming from the psychiatric profession, has been given a number of “diagnoses” for what many would consider reactions to an individual’s environment or immediate situation.  The spectrum of discomfort an individual displays has developed into a parallel of how many drugs the practitioner has been led to believe should be appropriately prescribed by the drug companies.

Christopher Lane shared his time on the radio show Sunday night.  Christopher’s work is long overdue for the world to recognize it. “Shyness” was published in 2007.  Christopher creates a detailed timeline covering the memos and notes that created the way “anxiety” has been viewed in recent times.  The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) has long been accused by its detractors as being an unscientific endeavor and Christopher has clearly demonstrated the worst fears in that vein by writing of the sometimes arbitrary decisions that have gone into the final decisions of classifying many mental conditions.

Unfortunately, the apparent arbitrary decisions made by the psychiatric profession to classify mental states has opened up the flood gates for powerful drugs that affect the communication of our complex neurological system consisting of billions of neural synapses.  For the drug companies promoting the drugs, efficacy and safety have become a passing thought in the march to sell billions of dollars of products.  There are way too many reported negative outcomes from the drugs that blunt our normal response to mental stimuli and “Shyness” covers the “rebound syndrome”.

Christopher details the drug marketing campaigns that were ingenious in their approach to convince millions to take drugs with questionable science behind both the diagnosis and remedy.  The outcomes of success are effectively challenged by Christopher.

This radio show host found “Shyness” a remarkable book.  I have long wondered if the pendulum of our growing drug epidemic is going to come from an unexpected source or person.

After reading “Shyness”, it may be a College English Professor, Christopher Lane who changes the course of history concerning our present drug culture.

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