From the 4/8 Show – Jesse Vivian, Wayne State University, the DEA and Shame

The show started by reminding family members that “Shame” is what continues the silence of the growing drug epidemic in our country.  The drug distributors know that by continuing to make people feel ashamed of a loved one or ashamed that your child has become involved in drugs will silence many. Individuals on the money train of drug distribution will many times attempt to question your credibility by bringing up the loved one who was lost or affected by the legal narcotics.  The collective silence on the drug epidemic continues to reinforce the disingenuous actions from the entities who support the excess distribution of narcotics to our streets.

Another major topic for the radio show Sunday night was from a blog written by Jesse Vivian, who lists his credentials as an instructor at Wayne State University, College Pharmacy

Recently the DEA stopped the distribution of excess prescription narcotics from a major wholesaler and drug stores in Florida.  Mr. Vivian, using his “legal skills” wrote in part:  “Allegedly, Cardinal Health distributed somewhere in the range of over three million doses in 2010″.  And, “the DEA has no explicit (or, in my opinion, implicit) mandate to fight perceived drug abuse through the exercise of any notion of corporate responsibility or to protect its citizenry from corporate abuses or wrongdoings without evidence of specific violations of specific laws”.

In other words,  it appears the author believes the DEA should turn a blind eye to the wholesalers and pharmacies who act as the middleman for the narcotic drug deals.

This writer picked up from the blog that a college instructor in a pharmacy school believes that the DEA had no right to attack the distribution of oxycodone any more than the government has the right in stopping the distribution of sugar or salt which are also potentially detrimental to our health.  The consumption of too much sugar and salt are not good for you either!

The interpretation I get from Jesse Vivian, who references Wayne State University, College of Pharmacy in his credentials,  is the dispensing of millions of pills does not constitute a wholesaler or pharmacist from “knowingly” being aware of narcotics not being used for “legitimate” purposes.

My concern is what are the pharmacy students being told in America’s College Halls.  Fortunately, my experience indicates that the pharmacy student has become smarter than the teacher.

The blog coming from a college instructor who apparently hasn’t grasped the severity of the dangers of oxycodone should be addressed by the pharmacy leaders in our country.

Thank goodness for the DEA’s actions.  We have been waiting for the FDA, Medical Boards and Pharmacy Boards to take action on the mass distribution of narcotics since the introduction of OxyContin in late 1995.  I take issue with a college professor who continues to think that the proper way to address the distribution is by waiting for the medical and pharmacy regulatory boards who have done little to take action.

Do you want your prescription filled by a graduate of Wayne State Pharmacy School given the opinion from their one faculty member.  I hope a teachable moment for every pharmacy school leader in the country.

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