From the 4/9 Show – Deadbeats are the Soldiers for the Media and Business Suits

I seldom categorize or criticize an individual who needs financial help.  I continue to be proud of my freedom to speak out every Tuesday night and I am proud to be in a country that has programs in place that help out a fellow citizen in need.  I live each day knowing that an event or phone call can disrupt my life forever.  I have heard from too many people who are living through a life changing event.  Thankfully, our government resources are available if people need help.

The challenge becomes:  who should play God on who gets government help?

If God would designate me in charge for a day, I would put a stop to able bodied men who are capable of working and have become “freeloaders” off of the government.  After a designated time frame from a life changing event (job loss), it’s time to get back to work.   For this category of male who is able to drive, go to the grocery store, and navigate outside the home, a designated “Deadbeat” category should be created if they are on the government payroll.

The business suits who want to bring more drugs to our children and communities have discovered the Deadbeat who has time on their hands.

Recently, a “35 year old Navy Veteran” used the resources of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), to sue the state of Florida for demanding drug tests for people applying for welfare benefits   The 35 year old Deadbeat has the time to fight a drug test, but no time to find a job.

Recently, a “64 year old 100% disabled veteran” ran out to protest the police pulling out his marijuana plants.   This Deadbeat has the energy to demand pot legalization, but no capabilities to work.

Recently, “A Proud Marijuana Smoker” had the time and money to fight a pot charge in Florida.  Although his employment history was not revealed, a video displays his inability to put a sentence together and his surroundings in the video reveal he would interview poorly for a job interview (or if he can fill out an application)

I am surprised the Deadbeat has become the spokesperson for the legalization crowd.  The media will gladly interview and document a Deadbeat’s actions as it pertains to drugs and the court system.  The Deadbeat, if it pertains to liberalization of drug use, is glorified as a victim of the legal system.

The media does not ask or document the job applications the Deadbeat put in before publicly becoming a spokesperson for the marijuana and drug industry.

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