From the 5/20 Show – Marijuana Policy Project and Prescription Addiction Radio

Morgan Fox, the Communications Director for Marijuana Policy Alliance discussed the issue of Marijuana with me.  The conversation probably went as expected and the dialog never veered from respect and diplomacy.

I have long questioned the onward march of the legalization and acceptance of marijuana.  At least 16 states have legalized “medical marijuana” and over 25 per cent of the high school students are using marijuana.  The reality is that few people are put in jail for simple marijuana possession and the college campus has turned its back on marijuana use.  The radio show remains steadfast in believing education should come before legalization and having an increasingly drugged youth is not a positive direction for our country.

Morgan Fox made it clear that a person should not be arrested, detained or incarcerated for the possession and use of Marijuana.  His points are very well received.

Unfortunately, little was accomplished in the short 20 minutes. However, I gained a valuable insight from the conversation.

I accept Morgan’s contention that Marijuana Policy Project is focused on preventing arrests and giving people the freedom to use a product that should create as much legal controversy as alcohol.  Morgan also indicated that the goal of Marijuana Policy Project is to not promote the product to our youth.

In conclusion:   An “over-drugged” society and an “incarcerated” society is not a healthy society.  I urge Marijuana Policy Project to broaden their focus and reassess their success. 

A person sitting on the couch habitually smoking marijuana is as useless to society as the person sitting in jail for possession.

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