From the 5/21 Show – Pharma and Your Emotions

Past blogs have shared with you the diabolical marketing from the Pharmaceutical companies that has created millions of people not being able to start their day without a drug to prevent a sickening withdrawal.  I repeatedly have written and said on air that future historians will be writing about how millions became addicted from legal prescription drugs and tens of thousands died in a technological age in which the media remained silent.  We have government leadership that has put the Pharmaceutical company interests in front of the health of our families and communities.

The ingenious marketing of pharmaceuticals has bypassed science and targeted our emotions.  We make most of our buying decisions based on an emotional level of need.  The advertising, the packaging, the image created from the marketing, etc. all are a major part of our buying decisions and where we shop.  Our car purchase is not based on our utilitarian needs.

Emotions and logic do not always coincide.  Our compassion and caring is being exploited by Pharma.  The emotional messages for pain, depression, anxiety, children’s issues, and a myriad of ailments has completely convoluted our thinking that has led to needless death and destruction.  Every sheriff in the country will attest to our illogical response concerning prescription drugs as the destruction marches onward.

“Not Safe as Prescribed” continues to be a difficult message for the majority of people.  Our emotional and caring being has been hijacked by the multi-billion dollar promotional budgets of Pharma.   Your doctor and medical professionals are given the attributes of a drug based on emotion and not science.  Pharma and your doctor hide behind the “safe as prescribed” mantra of the FDA.

A “drug kills” and creates severe withdrawals over time and your doctor hides behind the emotional and “rational message” Pharma has created for them.  The drugs that create far too many negative outcomes are called “prescription drugs” in the same breath as penicillin.  Pharma has masterfully marketed and capitalized on mixing in the dangerous drugs with the life saving drugs.

The FDA that has become dependent on the drug company user fees continues to be a pawn and an accomplice to the mass destruction the legal drugs are creating.

The media has lost their critical thought processes to the emotional message Pharma has created in our society.

I am waiting for the mass media to understand the meaning of the Renaissance Age (a period in which critical thinking emerged).

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One Response to From the 5/21 Show – Pharma and Your Emotions

  1. Dr. Steve says:

    Another excellent post by Larry, trying to get to the roots of the mass social insanity which has allowed prescription narcotics to take hold and proliferate despite all the human misery and deaths these drugs have wrought. There appears to be some magical acceptance that as long as a drug is “legal” and prescribed by a doctor for something as mundane as “pain,” our national mindset is loathe to question its benefits, while illegal drugs are perceived much more critically. So when a popular TV personality like Katie Couric does a show on “drugs that can be dangerous to your teen” [like synthetic marijuana] but fails to even mention prescription drugs including opiates, so common in medicine cabinets throughout the nation and responsible for the mounting toll of addiction, overdose and death in young people, something is very, very wrong—- and sick.

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