From the 5/27 Show – FDA Continues to Protect OxyContin and Friends

If you missed Sunday’s show I encourage you to listen to the discussion created by my distinguished panel   One of the first questions I had was if the FDA was serious in addressing the growing problems directly related from the increasing distribution of the legal narcotics.  In the Federal Register, the focus indicated the continued use of the narcotics and there was nothing mentioned concerning the growing epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths.

I flew up to Washington and witnessed the first part of the “workshop”.  I heard few statements acknowledging addiction and zero statements acknowledging death, incarceration, over marketing, and over distribution.  The speakers focused on “pain” and I heard a number of times that “100 million” people are in pain without any asking of a clarification from the FDA on the implications created from that number.  Are we to assume that 100 million people are potential marketing targets for the narcotics?

For this writer, it was clear that it remains business as usual at the FDA and the industries they support.  The marketing and selling of pain is the tool used to help drug companies, doctors, pharmacists, wholesalers, insurance companies and treatment and recovery operations remain on the money train for the billions of dollars generated by the opioid fiasco.

Many speakers were either mentioned or affiliated with organizations that were a part of the recent Senate Finance Committee and the FDA remained silent.

The workshop appeared to be a well orchestrated event with the outcome for the status quo intact. The playbook by the FDA and its protected friends has not changed. Bring in the experts, discuss pain, allow “legitimate pain patients”  to speak, ignore the dangers of the legal narcotics and not acknowledge the addiction, death and destruction from the drugs.

For those of us who have followed the inaction of the FDA for a number of years, nothing has changed. For those who are new to the FDA game, how long will it take for you to catch on?

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