From the 5/28 Show – Movie Review: Deep in the Heart

Deep in the Heart is on the Wal-Mart Shelves.    The radio show had the opportunity to interview Richard (Dick) Wallrath, the “Texas Gentleman” the movie depicted.

Speaking to Dick Wallrath was a pleasurable diversion for the radio show.  Admittedly, the radio show generally focuses on the hypocrisy, marketing and distribution of drugs and alcohol.  I need to spend more time on successful stories of treatment and recovery.

Deep in the Heart is a film for anyone who wants to sit back and be inspired.  Dick shared on air that “alcohol wasn’t the problem, he was the problem”:  An insightful statement for those who do not understand addiction and a reminder for those who are attempting recovery.

An impressive group of actors in Deep in the Heart helped actor Jon Gries effectively share Dick Wallrath’s life.  Dick admittedly had “hit rock bottom” and a combination of faith and a new perspective over 40 years ago created a path of daily forgiveness to his family and success that Dick has shared along the way.  Jon Gries shared Dick’s trials and tribulations perfectly.

Dick Wallrath made it clear on air that independence and hard work are the cornerstone for success.  He also made it clear that faith, humbleness, and sharing one’s success brings great contentment.

Dick has become the largest contributor in the country to 4-H and Future Farmers in America (FFA).  He has committed millions of dollars to create scholarships for thousands of young people associated with 4-H and FFA.  Dick committed to supporting the movie with 4-H and FFA as the main recipients from the success of the movie.

Present Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared in the film to re-enact a real life award Dick was honored with at a recent Texas 4-H and FFA convention.

Deep in the Heart is a film every age should see. It’s a “feel good” and inspirational film meant for all.  We are all in charge of our own destiny and Dick Wallrath and is a reminder of the human spirit too many of us have hidden within us.

My suggestion: Go to Wal-mart, buy the movie, get some popcorn and soda, and grab the family and friends to watch an entertaining and inspirational film.

Deep in the Heart will have special meaning for people of faith and people either in recovery or facing recovery. But, the movie’s appeal goes much further.

The fact is:  Deep in the Heart is a movie for anyone who believes in the human spirit that includes love, forgiveness and sharing.

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