From the 5/6 Show – Roger Clemens Needs an OxyContin Connection With Congress

Roger Clemens had an absolute lock on being in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Beginning with his seven Cy Young awards, 354 wins, 4,672 strike outs, and 23 years in baseball would have put Roger in the Hall of Fame on the first vote.

It has now become speculation when or if Roger is accepted into the Hall.  Beginning in 2007, Congress became interested about steroids in Baseball.   In February, 2008 Roger faced a thirty three member Congressional hearing  The radio show has not explored why Congress became involved and curious about what Roger was shooting into his backside.

The end result is that Roger Clemens has been accused and is presently on trial for “lying to Congress”.
The radio show finds it ironic that Congress has a law against lying. But, more ironic, is how the law is applied.  It appears that Congress selectively chooses its victims and Roger Clemens must have pointed his needle in the wrong direction to have become selectively chosen to be a poster child for our righteous Congressional leaders.

After Purdue Pharma and three executives pleaded guilty to misbranding OxyContin in May 2007,  Congress held a Congressional meeting on July 31, 2007

Before the Committee on the Judiciary in the Senate, James Campbell, MD testified.

Campbell was identified as a Professor of Neurosurgery and additional credentials that attached him to funding from Purdue Pharma and Big Pharma.  Before Congress Campbell made many statements in support of OxyContin remaining on the market.  In particular, Campbell said:

“OxyContin is an extended release preparation of oxycodone” – a lie – OxyContin is a “controlled release product” and there is an important distinction.

“OxyContin was developed to have slower drug delivery kinetics” – a lie – OxyContin releases one-half of its active ingredients immediately and the other half four to six hours later.

“A second advantage of OxyContin is that it provided a medication that provides more steady blood levels of oxycodone with less frequent dosing” – a lie concerning steady blood levels.

It is clear that Campbell misled and lied on behalf of the drug OxyContin before Congress with no ramifications.  It is also clear that Roger Clemens should have consulted with some drug company representatives before he testified.

The lesson learned for everyone at Roger’s expense is knowing which members of Congress have the same integrity as Purdue Pharma and James Campbell before you testify.

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