From the 5/7 Show – The Power of Pharma’s Business Model for Mental Health

The horrendous story coming out of Cleveland sickens me each day.  It remains hard to believe a monster can exist undetected within a community.

Three women and a six year old child are facing an adjustment to freedom few can have any foresight on.  However, the power of Pharma wasted no time on seizing upon the moment.

As the story of the three women began to unfold, I was watching a CNN segment with a “professional” who indicated the women needed immediate “professional care”.  I remember the terms “Depression” and “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome” (PTSD) being used.  For the mental health profession, both terms are synonymous with creating a lifetime dependency on mind numbing legal drug therapy prior to extensive psychological alternatives.

FOX news documented what their resident psychiatrist said:  “He told the hosts that he was concerned about the authorities’ decision to release Berry from the hospital this soon after her freedom from captivity.”   He also said:  “Listen, I won’t second guess the doctors, but it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to have her stay a few extra days and get some psychiatric counseling,”

Psychiatry and drugs are terms that are interchangeable.

In other words:  The women would have been better off in the care of the psychiatrists and mental health care system than in the loving environment of their families who had not seen them for ten years!  The women would have been better off possibly receiving drugs within 24 hours of their freedom than allowing them to reacclimatize themselves to the families and world they were torn from!

I remain amazed at the power Pharma continues to have over the major media outlets.  Within a day, Pharma had “experts” who were advocating that a mental health care system that is broken and controlled by Pharma money was better than the care of a loving family.

My heart and best wishes are with the three women and child from Cleveland.  My biggest wish is for them to become part of the community as soon as possible and for the grasps of Pharma to be kept at a distance as long as possible.

A “diagnosis” and accompanying mental health “label”, along with a cocktail of drugs, has the potential to forever keep them imprisoned.

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One Response to From the 5/7 Show – The Power of Pharma’s Business Model for Mental Health

  1. Steve Hayes says:


    In our present medical and patient environment, the “way it should be” is to not have any consequences for our actions. Eat too much and the extra weight increases dramatically your chances of illness? Don’t stop but just take drugs to mask any symptoms that occur. Don’t address the real problems but get more “instant” relief.
    It is insane to think that these young ladies will not have more benefit from being with their families than being with mental health workers who believe that drugs answer everything.

    It is truly bizarre and does not bode well for these ladies and their families.

    Steve Hayes

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