From the 6/10 Show – The Brain Washing of Brain Damage – NFL Will Prevail

Recently there has been a great deal of news reports concerning brain concussions in sports.  The NFL is facing a massive number of lawsuits from former players concerning the possibility of brain damage from an excessive number of head related injuries.
The plaintiffs are citing a high number of cases of early dementia and Alzheimer cases among the players.

I remain in awe of professional athletes and the abilities they have brought to the playing field.  I hope professional sports continues to research and create avenues to prevent lifelong injuries created within the games.  I hope the pending lawsuits will fast forward possible rule changes that will bring greater safety to the current players.

My sympathies will remain with the former players joining in the lawsuit(s).  However, I am afraid they don’t have a chance of winning once the NFL attorneys begin to look closely at the evidence.

The players have relied on drugs for years to help enhance their performance and comfort.  The concoction of pain pills, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, amphetamines and possibly performance enhancing products are a part of every team and community’s culture.  The reality is that the legal narcotics, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, etc. alter the structure of the brain in brain scan imaging.

The NFL will put forward a team of experts to elucidate the structural changes that drugs will create in a brain and do it effectively enough to confuse a jury.  Was it the “head injury” or “the drugs” that created the brain abnormalities.

For the NFL – a “No Brainer”.

Note: – Updated 9/2/2013 – The NFL settled with the retired players for $765 million.   My admiration to the NFL for putting the retired players first.


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