From the 6/11 Show – The Media, Race Relations, Drugs and Legalization

I remain concerned about the lack of honest conversations concerning the minority communities.  We have serious problems that the drug mavens and too many opportunists use to their advantage.  An uneducated media becomes the pawn for misinformation and misrepresentation.

A New York Times Article caught my attention this week: “BLACKS ARE SINGLED OUT FOR MARIJUANA ARRESTS, FEDERAL DATA SUGGESTS” 

Further review found other major publications regurgitating the mantra of “racism in law enforcement” concerning drug arrests.

The reader should be informed that the unsuspecting reporters are being used by the business suits that have the most to gain from seeing more drugs distributed to our streets.  When discussing race relations and drugs I never see a young black mother quoted that her community needs more marijuana and drugs in her neighborhood.

We can’t have solutions without honest dialog. It is estimated that the Black population accounts for about 12% of the total population in America.

There is no question that according to 2011 FBI crime statistics Blacks account for 31.7 % of “drug abuse violations.

Upon further review, blacks were arrested for 49.7% of the murders and manslaughter, 32.9% of the rapes, 55% of the robberies, 33.6% of the aggravated assaults, 32.3% stolen property and the list of violent and property crimes continues to mirror the arrest records for drug violations.

The correlation with violent and serious property crimes and the drug arrest records are statistics the media gurus ignore.  The same statistical correlation matches up for the white communities.

A reporter can’t make it to the four o’clock happy hour if they take the time to explore deeper the ramifications more drugs into the minority communities may bring.

There was a reason for the huge minority backlash when their communities were awash in crack cocaine during the 80′s.  Advocating for the liberalization of marijuana without education isn’t going to create a job or healthy community. The drug mavens and the business suits who have the most to profit know that, but the media remains either complicit or clueless.

We continue to have serious race relations in our country.  It is unconscionable to me that the media uses little critical thinking before becoming a puppet to the drug industry. 

Reducing the marijuana arrests in the Black community should be parallel to reducing the arrests for all crimes in the Black community.

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