From the 6/17 Show – Congress Answered To The Man This Week.

“Slavery” is a flash word that brings a connotation of repression and thoughts of a terrible part of this country’s history.  Although the word slave in our lifetime brings thoughts of injustice to people of color, the word slave dates back to the Holy Roman Empire when color was secondary to control.

Whether in Roman times, Civil War times or modern times most of us “Answer to the Man” in our lives.  For most of us, our life consists on making the Supervisor at work, Owner of the company, Judge, Police Officer, and others who have control over us satisfied with our performance.  If we don’t make “The Man” in our lives happy, serious repercussions will prevail.  The punishment and penalty is worse than the “Kiss Ass” we have to do.

This week, Congress was faced with doing the right thing for the American people by passing the Manchin Amendment and making Hydrocodone less accessible to our streets or Answer to The Man (Pharma) for their actions.  Congress decided to Answer to the Man and friends.

Sadly, Congress decided to Kiss Ass and Answer To the Man.  The rescheduling of Hydrocodone did not take place.

Congress decided to send the question to the FDA. The same FDA that has sat silently as tens of thousands have died from the legal narcotics and millions have become addicted.

Slavery still exists.  Our Congress proved this week that they are bought and controlled by Big Pharma.  Congress answered to The Man knowing that they better not cross their master.

The lack of courage and cowardice Congress displayed this week should make every descendant of slavery and those who fought against slavery cringe with disrespect.  The shackles and chains around the necks and ankles of Congress who is owned and controlled by Pharma have never been more evident than this week.

Does Congress have no shame? 


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5 Responses to From the 6/17 Show – Congress Answered To The Man This Week.

  1. Erich Curnow says:

    Well said Larry. Pharma has more slaves than the Roman Empire did if you extent the count to those unfortunates who have been “influenced” by the glut of medications available that they can’t walk away from.

  2. gayle newman says:

    Anger at this travesty is good. . . . but we cannot and WILL NOT GIVE UP!

    For the ones we have lost, the ones we have saved and all those we will continue to fight for.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I worked in matenl health for 20 years with long term chronic adults suffering with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. I had almost daily interactions with our psychiatrists. Our psychiatrists used many medications in off-label situations; many times with great success. In my 20 years, I never saw a patient experience adverse affects due to off-label use, most of the time positive results were obtained; else the medication was discontinued. In every case, the medication was explained to the patient along with expectations and desired results, side effects, and possible adverse effects before the prescription was written. No medications were prescribed (label or off-label use) without informed consent ever.Medical doctors receive years and years of training. After that, they learn their day to day trade in peer supervised environments as they gain real world experience. I was (and remain) extremely confident that the physicians I worked with could make knowledgeable decisions about medications both in labeled and in off-labeled use. I would not hesitate to take any medication my personal physician prescribed to me as long as a reasonable explanation was given to me. I feel the FDA is but one cog in a huge wheel when it comes to our medical care. Trained physicians, peer review, medical journals, drug reps, etc. make up many other cogs in that wheel each are as important as the other. Word of mouth in the medical field (re; medication uses) appear to be as reliable as the FDA.

    • Larry says:

      No question severe disorders must be treated by competent practitioners. However, too many people are treated by “non-professionals” and the disability roles continue to increase with the increase in psychotropic drugs. The fact someone can make it to the psychiatrist’s office once a month does not necessarily mean they are progressing. The best assessment is by loved ones and family members who I seldom hear a positive from. However, I do agree with much of this post and I thank Jennifer for writing. Larry G

  4. Manun says:

    Its safe to say that drugs cause enough prmloebs in our world. I’m not very confident in the FDA’s ability to regulate drug testing let alone individual doctors. These drug reps wine and dine doctors to push there drug, so I cant help but fell there a little bias when it comes to handing out pills. At the same time I have to believe that some doctors are in it for the benefit of mankind. But I’m not sure that its a good idea to give more access to doctors to test more drugs on the populace.Kyle

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