From the 6/18 Show – Major League Baseball Says No to PED’s – Colleges Say Yes

Fairness is a catch word in today’s society.  We want fairness in the workplace, fairness in government, fairness in taxes and fairness in opportunities.  We want our fellow employees to work as hard as we do.  When on drugs or alcohol, the fairness of expectations is challenged.

Last week two news reports happened simultaneously.  Senator Charles Schumer is getting attention by “advertising” Ritalin and Adderall and calling them the industry term “Study Drugs”.    College students are popping the “Study Drugs” in increasing numbers.

Having a U.S. Senator refer to the goofballs as “Study Drugs” is a drug mavens dream come true.  Schumer’s announcement was nothing more than a veiled endorsement for the drug manufacturers.

The other news report has Major League Baseball players asking to “clean up the game”,0,2753466.story   It appears the majority of baseball players want to get rid of the cheaters who take Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED).  The ball players want fairness in the game.

Major League Baseball is beginning to crack down on drugs.  A number of players are facing possible suspensions.

Interestingly, it appears the PED have helped some ball players achieve.  There is no such proof for the college students other than possible negative side effects.

In an age where sports are taking a stand on drugs, employers are becoming more proactive on drugs in the work place and urine testing companies continue to grow, the colleges sadly remain silent and complicit.

Colleges remain an open frontier for the drug companies.  In the institutions that are instrumental in creating our future leaders anything still goes.

The passage of youth in the college environment has always included alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and drugs.  Professionally manufactured “Study Drugs” (aka speed, goofballs and amphetamine) under the FDA guidance are a relatively new marketing phenomena and now being promoted by a U.S. Senator.

The college leaders remain silent while business, industry, and sports are demanding a new set of rules.

For parents of college students, don’t expect fairness from our colleges.   A sad commentary when “a bunch of dumb ballplayers” are asking for more than our Congressional leaders and administrators are asking for in the colleges.

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