From the 6/25 Show – Prium – Medical Cost Management Services Company – A Leader

I interviewed Michael Gavin, the Chief Strategy Officer for Prium.  Every business and insurance executive in North America should listen to the 23 minute interview.  It starts at the beginning of the 6/25/2013 show.

For almost two years I have waited for business leaders and the insurance industry to understand the billions of dollars (yes billions) that could be directed to other resources other than chasing the challenge of bringing the increasing costs of health care and workman’s compensation under control.

Michael indicated that prescription drugs are responsible for about 19% of the total workman’s Compensation expenditures.  From a review of the ultimate outcomes, a number that is too conservative.

The problems too many drugs are bringing to unsuspecting people who want to get well and become a part of the company culture again was well articulated by Michael.�
Referring to Michael’s recent blog:  “If it’s medically unnecessary, if it’s leading to loss of function, if it’s leading to dependence and addiction… it needs to go away.  The doctor will be better educated.  The patient will get better.  The cost of care will go down.  Everyone wins.” 

The radio show has discussed that the business model for medicine is too many times being driven by the “standard of care” created by Pharma.  The radio show continues to attempt to educate the public that not all drugs are “safe as prescribed” – A difficult concept for many when a multi-billion dollar message continues to drive the conversation away from the obvious destruction and costs being associated from the misunderstanding of the proper use of prescription drugs.

Michael Gavin indicated that creating a NEW business model driven by business and industry in the Workman’s Compensation industry remains a  challenge.  However, the tipping point is finally being reached where the business leaders are understanding the lost dollars and productivity the Pharma model is bringing.

Michael Gavin and Prium are on the cutting edge of a revolutionary change within the insurance industry.  The payers into a multi-billion dollar workman’s compensation industry are finally realizing that a new medical care model for the safety of their worker AFTER THE INJURY needs to be created.  Prium is at the forefront of exploring new ideas.

I write this blog with great optimism.  As the radio show’s message continues to permeate throughout North America, “not safe as prescribed”, I found a business leader who is helping the payers understand the multi-billion dollar problem and helping bring solutions to saving lives and creating healthier employees and communities.

It is my hope that the business community listens to the business model Michael Gavin and Prium bring.  A refreshing message for a radio show.

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