From the 7/15 Show – Andy Steingold – Mayor of Safety Harbor and Candidate for Judge

Andy Steingold is the present Mayor of Safety Harbor, Fl.  Andy spoke proudly of Safety Harbor indicating that the 18,000 residents represent a cross section of America.  Andy has been the Mayor of Safety Harbor for over six years and is asking for the voters to place him in the 6th Circuit Court of Florida as a judge.

On Sunday night’s radio show, Andy proved himself ready to step forward to be given the responsibility a judge demands.  For the radio show, Andy’s impressive background and credentials go beyond simply saying he is qualified to be a judge.  Andy has displayed his caring and compassion for people.

A person running for judge cannot display direct opinions concerning issues or endorse other candidates and Andy skillfully presented himself and still helped me create an interesting hour.

Andy’s appearance Sunday night displays his commitment to the community.  It remains the radio show’s goal to begin having public officials begin to comfortably speak out on the growing prescription drug epidemic.  Andy’s courage and insight will hopefully help lead other public officials to help the radio show create a national forum discussing the biggest growing health epidemic in our country.  Andy shared stories he has personally witnessed as an attorney and we need more leaders to follow Andy’s example.

For the radio show, Andy Steingold deserves to be a judge for our community.  After the August 14th election, I am anticipating Andy’s continued support in moving our country to addressing “The Silent Epidemic”.

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