From the 7/16 Show – Walgreens Has Created a Billion Dollar Opportunity

If you have a loved one affected from the indiscriminate dispensing of legal narcotics from a Walgreens drug store since 2009, it is important that you read this.

The attorneys have long lamented the Teflon coating the drug companies, doctors and pharmacies have had in the battle to stop the increasing drug distribution coming from the entities we should most be able to trust.

Fortunately, with more doctors being prosecuted and convicted, the “standards of care” that have been the shield used previously for the legal drug dealers are starting to fall.

The Orlando Sentinel recently covered the $80 million dollar fine Walgreens paid for their indiscretions on dispensing narcotics freely

The documentation the DEA used to pursue the fine Walgreens agreed to is available.

According to the DEA information, the Walgreens fine centered on the Florida narcotic distribution, however, it appears that Walgreens systemically ordered, shipped and dispensed oxycodone to additional parts of the country without regard to an individual’s safety.

The DEA documentation confirms that a police chief communicated with Walgreens and attempted to connect with the CEO of the company to reduce the number of pills being dispensed, Walgreens had employee incentives to increase the number of prescriptions dispensed, pharmacists were coerced to fill prescriptions they knew were dangerous, warehouse employees were concerned about the narcotic distribution, conversations took place in the corporate offices about the growing narcotic distribution, people were being arrested in the Walgreen’s parking lots for illegal drug activity, a warehouse employee asked where a drug store could put the quantities of drugs being shipped, the scheduled II narcotic record keeping was not in compliance, prescriptions were filled from doctor’s whose licenses weren’t verified before prescriptions were filled, a long line of people waiting for a store to open was verified, “young people in their 20′s who appeared healthy” were having narcotics filled, prescriptions for cash were offered the Walgreen’s discount card, and a Walgreen’s corporate lawyer stated,  “If these are legitimate indicators of inappropriate prescriptions perhaps we should consider not documenting our own  potential noncompliance.”

If you have a loved one who has been affected by Walgreens disregard for the narcotic distribution, please create a brief description of the drugs obtained from Walgreens.  Send the information to   I have been contacted by an experienced attorney who thinks the documentation collected by the DEA may help in creating civil lawsuits against Walgreens.

If you don’t send the information to me, then please contact your attorney and share this information with them.

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2 Responses to From the 7/16 Show – Walgreens Has Created a Billion Dollar Opportunity

  1. christina raithel says:

    Both parents, two brothers & my son are addicts its ruin our family and all their oxys were filled at walgreens and continued to be filled. Isnt Walgreens rich enough?

  2. Steve Hayes says:


    The problem with some professions is that you need someone who is in trouble to succeed. If no one was ever ill or had broken bones then the medical community would make much less money. Look what would happen if an inexpensive cancer cure was developed? The $40 billion industry would vanish.

    Walgreens sells drugs. The more they sell the more money they make. If they were selling clothes then no one would have a problem with incentives. But here they are selling possible death if not used properly and they should balance profit with compassion. However, the officers get paid on income and income is derived from sales and sales are sometimes increased by turning a blind eye–like Walgreens.

    The only way that they can be forced to be more ethical is if it costs them more money than they make. I hope that they are forced to pay enough that they will decide to make their profits from selling more candy–sugar creates its own problems but not often a quick death.

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