From the 7/2 Show – Technology, Information, Legal Narcotics, Addiction and Genocide

The latest Center for Disease Control (CDC) press release reporting the number of women who have died from prescription drug overdoses from 1999 to 2010 was 48,000.   In an age of technology and enlightenment, we have a drug and medical industry marching forward creating and promulgating genocide within North America.

The deliberate marketing, selling and distribution of products that are creating an historic outcome of deaths falls into the definition of genocide.  While the definition of genocide is usually reserved for the mass killing of a racial, political or cultural group of people, the drug companies have widened the definition by selling as much lethal product that they possibly can to destroy individuals, families and communities from every demographic on the North American continent.

Fortunately, more reporters around the country are beginning to understand the magnitude of the hoax in the marketing and selling of the legal narcotics.  But, how many more addictions and deaths before ALL the journalists begin to understand the epidemic.

We took a step backwards this week. In reporting on the latest CDC numbers, NBC news displayed their lack of understanding.
In an article covering the deaths, the reporter took quotes from individuals on the “money train” of the destruction.

An individual from “Harm Reduction” was quoted.   Harm Reduction is supported by Drug Policy Alliance which advocates for the legalization and liberalization of more drugs to our streets.

An individual who was a former member of The American Pain Society was quoted.  The American Pain Society shut down after the United States Senate began an investigation of the organization for their close ties to Pharma.

An “Addiction Psychiatrist” was quoted.  With psychiatry being at the forefront of the business model Pharma has developed to sell more drugs to those dependent and addicted, a psychiatrist is not a credible source to those who understand where psychiatrists are sitting on the money train of addiction.

My local newspaper, The Tampa Bay Times, reiterated the same measured and carefully crafted responses the drug and pain mavens thrive on.

The old adage, “Knowledge is Power”, has been a slow journey for those who understand the epidemic.  Unfortunately, it remains many in the media who are the slow learners.

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2 Responses to From the 7/2 Show – Technology, Information, Legal Narcotics, Addiction and Genocide

  1. Steve Hayes says:


    This is another statement that points out the desperate attempts by the drug purveyors of death and destruction to protect their profits–not help anyone but themselves and their minions.

    They are having to resort to more and more hyperbole and ranting to try to overcome the steady stream of facts that repudiate their claims. Do narcotics and other prescription drugs have a use–of course but much more limited than now.

    Most people taking prescription drugs have been misdiagnosed. The true origin of their unwanted symptoms has not been diagnosed and they are given drugs that only cover the symptoms—for a time.

    This is a war and the truth, as it always will, is starting to come out and be recognized.

    Steve Hayes

  2. Tony Gerardi says:

    Great job Larry!!! Great comments Steve. I agree Steve its a war, a war on the American people, not only on the person addicted but their familys and society who are all effected. Larry, I agree it is GENOCIDE! So many people on the money train. Legal heroin, passed off as “pain killers” will kill the pain especially when u overdose and die, like thousands and thousands have. The facts and truth are coming out more and more, thanks to people like you!!!! I pray for God to give me the courage to speak out on what I KNOW is wrong and deadly and to guide me. Keep up the great work, the message has to get through and is facts and truth cannot be denied forever! God bless always!!!!

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