From the 7/22 Show – Sheriff Bob Gualtieri – A Leader for Pinellas and Beyond

The radio show remains an interesting piece in the media.  Broadcast live on Sunday nights from a limited 1000 watt radio station in Clearwater, Florida, it is known by thousands around the world.  It is known by people in every major media outlet and most major print media in the country.

The radio show remains focused on the single issue of our drug culture.  As tens of thousands become affected from the growing prescription drug distribution, as record numbers continue to apply for disability benefits, as the economic damages continue to increase and as thousands continue to die every year, the media continues to refuse to recognize the root causes of the health epidemic.

However, fortunately public leaders are becoming more educated and there is one leader who stands out in our local community who does understand.  Sheriff Bob Gualtieri shared his time on the radio show last night.  Sheriff Gualtieri has been in the forefront of attempting to keep Pinellas County safe.

As the medical, osteopathic and pharmacy boards remained quiet in Florida during the growing drug epidemic, it has been the leadership of Sheriff Bob Gualtieri that has closed many pill mills and limited the distribution of narcotics to our streets.  If not for Gualtieri’s leadership, a bad situation of legal narcotic distribution, courtesy of the FDA and other complicit government organizations, would have created additional damage in catastrophic proportions in Pinellas County.  Bob Gualtieri has been a quiet hero for the citizens he serves.

Sheriff Gualtieri is a leader Pinellas County needs to keep in office and I encourage those who live in Pinellas to vote on August 14th.

The radio show remains on the cutting edge of information to help America understand our country cannot continue on the path and destruction the legal drugs are creating.
Bob Gualtieri has proven that he has the courage, integrity and insights to help lead his community to a stature his contemporaries will follow.

The radio show is proud to know we have Bob Gualtieri as a leader in our area and we need to keep him as Sheriff.

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