From the 7/23 Show – Same Story – Different Era – “Safe as Prescribed” Remains a Killer

I recently read a spectacular book called On Speed – The Many Lives of Amphetamine by Professor Nicolas Rasmussen     It reminded me of another spectacular book I reviewed last year by Professor Christopher Lane – Shyness, How Normal Behavior Became a Disease

I have studied the drug epidemic for over seven years and Pharma ingeniously remains ahead of those who have lost so dearly and are dedicated to helping prevent more turmoil and devastation to other families and loved ones.

Both books have began to connect the dots for me on the epidemic.  Since the Bayer company introduced Heroin legally as a cough remedy in 1898, the marketing and selling of addictive products has become refined by the business suits who profit most from America’s continued gullibility from the phrase “safe as prescribed.”  As the children continue to be drugged in record numbers, Pharma has continued to pave the road for continued dependence and addiction for future generations.  Intelligent adults remain silent and many who have been negatively affected remain uneducated.

There is an upcoming rally being planned in Washington, DC on October 1st – FED UP! RALLY FOR A FEDERAL RESPONSE TO THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC.

My hope is that the family members who don’t have an expense account to deduct the trip to Washington take charge of the event.

For many, it will be a time to grieve and share stories with other families who have lost their loved one.  This also opens up an opportunity for Pharma to exploit “safe as prescribed“.  With every death remains the message from Pharma, “poor choice”, as the distribution of legal narcotics continues to hit new production highs every year.

The special interests who make their money from the growing addiction crisis will be in full force on October 1.  The “safe as prescribed” message continues to increase the profits from the “addiction professionals” who depend on a monthly fee to keep the mantra “disease for life” intact.  Methadone and Suboxone have their place in treatment, however, the powerful drugs are promoted by charlatans who capitalize on “safe as prescribed“.  “Addiction treatment” has opened up new profit opportunities for Pharma to promote amphetamines, antipsychotics, antidepressants, anti-anxiety and whatever else can be promoted for “dual diagnosis”.

The FDA and our politicians remain a puppet to Pharma.  Pharma will cleverly twist the story and intentions of many sincere people who want change.  History dictates that Pharma will market “safe as prescribed” vigorously and the business suits within the crowd will temper the message so business remains as usual for the FDA.

The CDC estimates that over four million people are addicted to prescription opioids.  The FDA can’t change the indications for the opioids without understanding how to help those addicted.

The radio show remains, education, education, education and I hope those most sincere understand who is going to be at that rally.  You will have friends, supporters and charlatans among you.

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