From the 7/24 Show – Robert (Bob) Gualtieri for Sheriff

Chief Deputy and General Counsel Robert Gualtieri from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s department was Sunday night’s guest. Chief Deputy Gualtieri is a candidate for the August 2012 Pinellas County Sheriff’s primary. Gualtieri proved he is worthy to lead the County police into the future. The Sheriff’s department has over 3000 employees with about a $200 million dollar budget.

The citizens of Pinellas County have been lucky. Under the leadership of the present Sheriff, Jim Coates, his second in command Chief Deputy Gualtieri has been responsible for expanding the manpower at least seven fold in recent years to combat the influx of pills. While the Florida Legislature and former Governor sat by quietly, Pinellas County has competed to become the “nation’s capital” for drug related deaths. If not for Gualtieri’s leadership within the sheriff’s department, Pinellas County would be experiencing related drug deaths in epidemic proportions.

As the opium related drug epidemic continues to grow worldwide, the pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals have either directly or indirectly influenced the FDA officials, DEA officials, national politicians, state politicians, local politicians and the media at every level. Parts of Mexico that have lost thousands of people from the overflow of the drug trade are proof what can happen to a community if they also lose the integrity of their police. If the communities in America begin to lose the police to the drug cartels and legal drug dealers we are a country in serious trouble.

I am confident that if elected Sheriff in 2012, Robert Gultieri will continue to lead and strengthen the integrity of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s department. As displayed on Sunday night’s show, Robert Gualtieri is ready to manage, direct and lead the Sheriff’s department with the outcome the citizens expect.

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