From the 7/30 Show – Oxyana – The Movie

Director, Sean Dunne, has created a potentially monumental film with historical overtones called Oxyana

The movie, Oxyana, has gone into the small town and homes of Oceana, West Virginia.  Dunne has created a riveting and stark movie the viewer will never forget.

Oxyana depicts the devastation and destruction the growing prescription drug epidemic is doing to Oceana, West Virginia.  The significance of the film is that the destruction is quietly going on in almost every community in America, “silently”.

Ironically, Oceana is part of America called Appalachia.  Almost 50 years ago the War on Poverty was highlighted in Appalachia.   President Kennedy visited Appalachia during his 1960 presidential campaign which triggered a national media focus on the poor in the Appalachian hills.    President Johnson later followed through with his edict, “The War on Poverty” in his January, 1964 inauguration address.   Appalachia was the focal point and symbol for the estimated 19% “silent” poverty rate in America.

Out of the Appalachian hills sparked an historic effort from Congress to combat the hopelessness that poverty brings.

Oxyana is revisiting history.  The movie offers a stark reality of what the distribution of too many drugs are doing to America.  The movie is a reminder of the journalism of the past.   As the pictures and news reels rolled in the 60′s, there were no experts creating the excuses for the problems.   The video and pictures from Appalachia moved America with little commentary.

There are historic times in journalism in which the pictures were all you needed for the message.

Sean Dunne has offered us an historic movie with only dialog from the people who have been the most dramatically affected from the business suits of drug distribution.  Like the pictures from Life Magazine in 1964, Oxyana offers us a glimpse of life for many in 2013.

Oxyana is a test for the consciousness of America.  In 1964, Congress and the country unified after witnessing the hopelessness poverty brought to too many.  In 2013, Oxyana brings us the same pictures 50 years later depicting the hopelessness drugs have brought.

Ironically, from the same area that moved a country half a century earlier.

Oxyana could have been filmed in any community in America and Dunne has offered the proud citizens of Oceana, West Virginia the first opportunity to help the rest of Appalachia and America understand the devastation too many drugs bring.  I hope the citizens of Oceana accept the challenge.

As for the major media, Oxyana and Oceana, West Virginia have brought another opportunity to change America for the better.

The forlorn look of poverty can be exchanged for the forlorn look drug misuse brings.

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