From the 8/19 Show – Diabolical Reinforced and Let’s Hope Not Another 30 Years

Nicky Baker, singer, songwriter and voice actress was a wonderful guest Sunday night.  A number of topics were covered, including:

- Playing a sound bite of a former sports broadcaster representing herself as an expert on ADHD

- The National Institute of Health (NIH) quoting studies from doctors who have made millions from the drug companies

- WEBMD continuing the charade by referencing one of the same studies

- The New York Times encouraging young drivers to visit their doctors for amphetamines

Nicky summed it up best by saying that “if you can create a story so big, it is hard not to believe”.

Another topic that I touched upon the week before is the Citizens Petition that was recently presented before the FDA.  An article on MedPage probably covered it best. Thirty seven doctors from a number of specialties are requesting the FDA to change the indications for the legal narcotics.

The major organizations who presented the petition, Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) and Public Citizen quickly received attention from at least one major organization with an apparent close affiliation with the legal drug cartels.  The American Academy of Pain Medicine who is presently being investigated by the Senate issued a statement against the petition.

The FDA has at least 180 days to answer to the petition and the radio show will update listeners on its progress (it took over 30 years for the FDA to make a decision on propoxyphene).

I encourage all to visit the FDA comment page!submitComment;D=FDA-2012-P-0818-0001   and submit a comment to the FDA concerning your thoughts on the petition.

The FDA is not publishing all the comments and no proof or substantiation is needed for any claims submitted concerning the benefits of long term use of the legal narcotics that have trapped and harmed so many.

It appears business may be as usual for the FDA to protect the distribution of the legal narcotics.  However, please take a few minutes to let the FDA know you are concerned and paying attention.

DO NOT LIST “INDIVIDUAL CONSUMER”.  Those comments are not posted.

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