From the 8/20 Show – Honesty, Integrity, Truthfulness and Drugs

I started the show with commenting that the town of Nederland, Co has six “medical marijuana dispensaries” and ZERO drug stores.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the argument for “medical marijuana” is phony and disingenuous.

The recent Tampa Tribune article on the gruesome 1933 killings in Ybor City, Florida prompted the dialog on Tuesday night   The article indicated that the stories connecting marijuana to violence in the 1930′s were highly exaggerated.  The Ybor killings were one of many stories used to pass legislation that resulted in essentially outlawing marijuana possession.

The article failed to mention the statistics from a National Bureau of Economic Research paper published in 2003.   “A consistent link between frequent cannabis use and violent crime and property damage has been identified among juveniles”.

Concerning marijuana, honest dialog is missing between the people who fear the possible outcomes from more distribution and those who will make billions of dollars from legalization.

The media is on board for the legalization of pot.  Ghost writers, deadbeats and a few entertainers have become the symbols of education for the pot movement.  A serious discussion concerning where drugs fit into our economic and productive future is seldom heard.

Marijuana should not be gauged from an individual basis, but from a collective basis.  Is it a positive for our country to have more people addicted and less motivated as a result of more weed on the streets?

The educational message from the pro legalization advocates is sadly lacking.  The discussion of jail versus legalization epitomizes the lack of common sense on the marijuana issue.

The radio show remains education, education, education.  I need a legalization advocate to explain to me how a person sitting on a couch stoned and addicted is more productive than a person sitting in jail who was selling pot.  We need new conversations with new starting points

The radio show has a firm stance concerning marijuana.  I don’t want anyone in jail for possession and I don’t want over 25% of the high school students smoking it.  Statistically, 10% of those kids are heading for disaster.

We have a love of drugs in this country that has already destroyed way to many youth and adults.

If an adult can’t forego a joint to save a kid, how do I start the conversation?

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