From the 8/26 Show – Center for Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY) – Uncomfortable News

Recent polls indicate the vast majority of Americans believe America is heading down the wrong track  The individual assessments probably come from a number of factors.

The radio show remains a single issue on what the growing drug culture is doing to our communities.  On Sunday night the radio show branched out for some insights on alcohol.

David Jernigan, director for CAMY  at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health brought some uncomfortable news to the radio show Sunday night.

The August 8th CAMY press release introduced me to Dr. Jernigan.  

The press release made it clear that the alcohol related companies are selling and marketing their products to our youth who are not legally old enough to drink.  The percentage of advertisements for alcopops, beer, spirits or wine in publications that have a high readership and directed to our youth should be an outrage to every parent and clear thinking adult.

As adults, we have lost our collective minds on alcohol.  It is reported that we are losing 4700 people under the age of 21 every year to alcohol and we continue to treat alcohol as a passage for youth to adulthood.

Ironically, statistics indicate that a person who doesn’t drink until the age of 21 is probably destined for a healthier lifestyle.

Morality aside, is alcohol necessary for someone under 21? Should we be protecting our youth from drugs and alcohol when they are still under our roofs and financial assistance?

Or, should we allow the alcohol companies to decide the fate of too many young people?  Why are we allowing the alcohol companies to market their products to our children?

Thanks to David Jernigan and CAMY, it became clear to me that the lifeblood and growth of alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana is making sure the marketing message gets to the young people.

Maybe as adults we are poor visual examples for our youth, but is it necessary for us to allow the alcohol and drug mavens to reach our children with a message that brings a collective negative outcome to every community in America?

Face Book has also become a vehicle for the diabolical minds who will market and sell whatever they can convince your child to buy.

For the radio show, the wrong track America is on includes the diabolical marketing of drugs, tobacco and alcohol to our young people.

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One Response to From the 8/26 Show – Center for Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY) – Uncomfortable News

  1. steve hayes says:

    There is no way that you can look at the numbers and not realize that we are allowing alcohol purveyors to profit from harming and even killing our children. The more that alcohol use is considered “acceptable”, the more tragedies to young people.

    Thanks for exposing this Larry.



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