From the 8/27 Show – Musings on the “Age of Innocence”

When a plane crashes it isn’t usually from one system malfunction.  When a war begins it is not because of one transgression between the conflicting parties.  When a civilization begins to deteriorate it is not from one cultural or economic event.

Should the Miley Cyrus performance Sunday night be the symbolic gesture of the tipping point for America?  I have previously commented many times that the “business suits” will bring as much alcohol, tobacco, drugs and marijuana to our streets and youth as they possibly can.

Sunday night, the business suits proved that they are willing to bring as much smut and garbage that they can to the youth as well.  They used a twenty year old with minimum talent to send the message.  The majority of strippers on Dale Mabry Avenue in Tampa would have put on a better performance than Miley.

The video replay I saw on the internet was sponsored by Pepsi.

This blog is not about censorship or my opinion about social norms.  I am lamenting on what we are stealing from our youth in exchange for greed.

John Whitehead wrote a spectacular commentary this week that summarized Miley Cyrus:  “Miley Cyrus and the Pornification of America”.

For starters, John Whitehead heads up the Rutherford Institute which can be defined by some as extremely liberal in their defense of Civil Liberties and Human Rights.  If Whitehead found fault with Miley’s performance, this country is in deep trouble.

Whitehead quoted University of Illinois Professor Mardia Bishop which I believe summarizes the direction our country is heading:  “Pop culture and porn culture have become part of the same seamless continuum,”   “As these images become pervasive in popular culture, they become normalized… and… accepted.”

Is it too late to have a conversation about “The Age of Innocence” as defined by Oxford Dictionaries:  “a time when a person or society exists in a state of childlike simplicity or naivety.”

My childhood was defined by Santa Claus, Walt Disney, Hanna Barbera cartoons, Bugs Bunny, Little League Baseball, Toy Soldiers, and later the Beatles and toilet papering a house to push the envelope of adolescence.

Today’s childhood is being defined by messages our parents would have never tolerated.   Drugs, alcohol, marijuana, sexual images, sexual messages, violent messages, crude songs, “nigga”, “bitch”, and whatever it takes to sell a product to our children has become the norm.

Madonna and Lady Gaga were tame and subtle compared to the performance Miley put on before a national audience.   A steady assault on “The Age of Innocence” continues onward.

Internally, Pepsi marketing is pleased with the number of “impressions” Miley created on the internet.

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