From the 8/5 Show – Diabolical Beyond Comprehension – Children Abandoned

Last week, I came to the conclusion that Purdue Pharma masterfully started the diabolical scheme that repackaged and marketed the opium plant.  (See last week’s blog)

In a technological age it remains a mystery that a combination of self-interests continue to fool the collective media, business leaders, taxpayers and academia to rationalize the human and economic costs the distribution of legal narcotics has created in our communities.

Continuing with the “diabolical theme”:

The story and rationalization for children diagnosed with ADHD started many years before OxyContin.

The diabolical beginning of drugging children with powerful amphetamines reportedly started in 1937

Ironically, the first doctor to diagnose children with “restlessness, problems with attention” in 1798, Dr. Alexander Crighton, indicated the condition would “diminish with age”.

The “train of money” to drug our children became more refined with the invention of Ritalin’s introduction in the early 50’s.  Ritalin has most of the same effects on the brain as the amphetamines in a child.

“Hyperkinetic Impulse Disorder” was the definition in 1957.  Later “Minimal Brain Dysfunction Disorder” was in vogue and the “experts” then moved to “Hyperkinetic Reaction to Childhood”.  Finally in the late 80’s, it was agreed upon that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) would be the standard phrase used to justify the marketing and subsequent drugging of a child.

The diagnosis of ADHD became so popular and accepted, that the powerful mixed amphetamines used for dieting that was sold under the name Orbetrol prior to 1996 was changed to Adderall.  As the mixed amphetamines became controversial for use in adults for dieting, the ingenious marketing to our teachers, school administrators, and parents to drug a child continued to be more refined.

The onslaught on our children has been so masterful that parents, relatives, teachers and loved ones only have a drug regimen to “help” discipline, restrain and nurture a child.  A group of adults recently asked me what some alternatives were for a “troubled or difficult” child.

In my opinion, we are a society that has gone insane to have adults ask how else to help a troubled child if not powerful amphetamines or mood altering drugs?

Drugs have replaced hugs in the elementary school system.

The psychiatrists, psychologists and organizations that offer advice to help a child without drugs have effectively been silenced by the ingenious use of the legal system and media.

An entire generation of mothers has been convinced that a drug is dangerous during pregnancy and safe during the developmental years of their child.

The diabolical and systematic march of the drug companies has brought daily amphetamines to millions of children and has effectively silenced all rational discussion on raising a child.

Diabolical beyond comprehension in the age of instant communication we live in?

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One Response to From the 8/5 Show – Diabolical Beyond Comprehension – Children Abandoned

  1. kyle says:

    Good article. The teachers wanted me to go on Ritalin in fifth grade . She didn’t and I am thankful to this day that she didn’t. It is all about the money.

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