From the 9/16 Show – Images of Children Within the Silence – Guardian ad Litem

It has never been more vivid how the insidious march of our growing drug culture continues to affect our communities.  With the help of Susan Neville, Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Tampa Bay and Maria Costa from Guardian ad Litem  and Florida State Representative Larry Ahern (Dist 66) Sunday night the challenge before us was exemplified.

Guardian ad Litem is a large child advocate organization in Florida who works on behalf of abused and neglected children   Susan and Maria indicated there are presently over 3000 children who are under the supervision of the courts from their parent’s neglect and of those over 2000 are in need of an adult advocate.  The numbers only represent the immediate listening area of the radio station.

The number of children in need of our community’s help are too many times the casualties of parents who have been affected by prescription drugs.  Representative Larry Ahern reaffirmed what he sees and hears on a regular basis in his district.  His legislative counterparts are experiencing the same gut wrenching stories of children being separated from their parents because of drug misuse.

We agreed that creating legislation and arresting ourselves out of the growing problem is not an option.  The missing link is education and putting business and community leaders in the same room to identify the root causes of the problems.  The narcotic and psychotropic drug distribution being promulgated by too many drug companies is contributing to a slow deterioration of our communities.  The economic costs are beyond what our communities can afford.  I am proud that the last two shows have vividly created both the problem and solution.


The Guardian ad Litem web site offers images of children in need of our help.  The images of pills belong in the background of too many pictures.

For a start, in Pinellas and Pasco counties please call 727 464 6528 and explore offering about 10 hours per month as a Child Advocate volunteer.  If you would like to make a financial contribution please contact Sue Neville at 727.742.2869 or email her at

Make your next call to a business leader who is concerned about our community.

The ultimate solution is creativity and education to break the silence. Guardian ad Litem is at the forefront of helping us hear the children.

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