From the 9/17 Show – A Revealing and Insightful Night Brought to you by Kitson

My thanks to Courtney Saavedra, Director of Operations for Kitson.  The first hour discussed Kitson’s decision to continue selling the t-shirts with the names Adderall, Xanax or Vicodin on the back.

Fashion has been used as a symbol for social commentary regularly and Kitson has successfully created social dialogue via the t-shirts.

Most of the criticism towards Kitson has been from those who have been psychologically brainwashed into believing a few t-shirts is a more important battle than revealing the marketing and selling of legal drugs that are causing millions of addictions and are a part of tens of thousands of deaths.

Most of the individual critics are sincere in their emotions about the t-shirts.  However, others who lead organizations have become beholden to protecting Pharma.  Most of the organizations thrive by having a measured message so Pharma remains intact and the destruction will continue.

An organization that takes on “not safe as prescribed” is kicked off of the tracks the money train of distribution and addiction creates.  The radio show has not heard from any organizations who agree that Pharma is a bigger villain than Kitson.

The radio show was the only media outlet in the country that heard Kitson’s perspective for a full hour.  The silence from the organizations who proselytize against “drug abuse” should be enlightening to those who want to see the epidemic begin to be curtailed.  The radio show is proud to be the leader in the country revealing the hypocrisy and phoniness of organizations who ask for support from those who have lost so dearly from drugs.

On Tuesday night, Kitson and The Prescription Addiction Radio Show – Breaking the Silence broke the silence concerning Adderall, Xanax, Vicodin and the active ingredients in each drug.

I do the show because the tens of thousands of people who have died and millions of family members need a voice.  The radio show is more about education and less about emotions.

Please remember that the next organization that preys on your emotions did not participate or was heard from in the educational message the radio show delivered Tuesday night.

The call in number remains 866-826-1340.

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One Response to From the 9/17 Show – A Revealing and Insightful Night Brought to you by Kitson

  1. Ed Vanicky says:

    As always Larry, you have brought a valuable message to your listeners. That message being, that Big Pharma and “businesses” like Kitson continue to profit from human suffering. Many people, to include the President, are speaking out about gun violence and rightly so. But what about the violence of writing a unnecessary prescription for opioids? You can have a finger on a trigger, or on the pen that signs a prescription pad. Both kill.

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