“Taking responsibility” is a familiar theme in today’s world.  The familiarity of the phrase comes from the many public figures and politicians who “take responsibility for their actions” and then continue to live life normally the next day.  “Responsibility” is an often used term that many voice and few practice, except parents.

Parents who are affected by their children’s actions do not have the luxury of living life normally the next day.  After a child has created a negative event every parent laments and questions what they could have done differently.  Along with the pain and suffering from a child’s actions, the parent must face the doubt, looks and comments from the public on their parenting and skills in judgment.

Whether a child comes from a traditional two parent family, single parent, foster parent, same sex parents, grandparents, or extended parent family, the child and teen are hearing:  “don’t do drugs”, “don’t smoke”, “don’t do alcohol” and “don’t do marijuana”.

How more direct and clear can the parents message be?

As emphasized by Miley Cyrus and her business handlers last week, the message from the parents to help keep their child directed is being drowned out by the purveyors of greed at any cost to our society.  If in the media, Miley is the symbol of social acceptability for the adolescent of today, the “responsibility of the parent” to counteract pop culture’s message has become beyond challenging.

Beyond Miley, why are young people familiar with specific brands of alcohol and tobacco.  Did the child learn about the brands from the parent?

The child is told by the parent that a drug is dangerous and our government is pronouncing “safe as prescribed” as the use of amphetamines (Adderall, etc) and opioids (OxyContin, Vicodin, etc) among the youth continue to increase.

Today’s youth is convinced that marijuana is safer than alcohol when the statistics for possible addiction is about equal.

The deaths that include marijuana in the blood stream and crime statistics that include marijuana in the police reports are glossed over by today’s media.  The parent’s proclamation of “dangerous” is discounted by the media moguls and advertisers.

In addition to drugs, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana, the parent needs to counteract the counter culture message from TV, movies, music videos, songs, video games and whatever garbage the business suits can produce.

The major symbol for this blog is Pepsi for sponsoring a Miley Cyrus replay on the internet last week.  If businesses wanted to stop the garbage being presented to youth they could in a heartbeat.

My congratulations to those parents who have young adults who are staying on course.

However, those same parents are delusional if they think they are smarter than those wearing the business suits for drugs, alcohol, tobacco, video games, music, TV and marijuana.

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One Response to From the 9/3 Show – DON’T BLAME THE PARENTS – BLAME PEPSI

  1. Tony Gerardi says:

    Great article! I agree , every parent , grand parent etc. that I know is telling their kids ” DONT DO DRUGS!” They also are the first one’s to send their kids to the dentist and doctor to keep “healthy”! Yet many doctors and dentist are prescribing DRUGS to their kids. Who would think sending your kids to the dentist could result in the dentist giving your kid a opiate drug that is very similar to heroin? What parent would think a doctor would do the same? The FDA has approved legal heroin period! So doctors and dentist feel free to dole out approved narcotics that come from same plant as heroin. So while parents are doing their part, they are being deceived by not being told what these drugs really are and how dangerous they are. Many people will go to the street for heroin once addicted if and when doctor/dentist cut them off. Why should they cut them off, when there is so much money there to make and being made. Or addicts will go to their dentist or doctor once they cant get heroin from the street, cheaper if you could get insurance to pay for it. Doctor/dentist make money from visits, Big pharma makes billions from their narcotics, insurance companies just raise rates to make up for it and the patient keeps their addiction going. What kind of product is it that sells in the street for money to addicts? Easy, a opiate narcotic.
    I hear that to from public figures and politicians saying “take responsibility” really? The parents are doing their part, telling and trying to keep their children off drugs, especially heroin, little do they know our government has approved legal heroin and call them pain killers. Sure they cure pain alright if it doesn’t kill you from the addiction. What has the politicians done about the approved legal opiate narcotics that are killing people by the thousands? What responsibility are they taking? AT LEAST TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH WE HAVE ALLOWED THESE NARCOTIS TO BE PRESCRIBED TO YOU AND YOUR KIDS!! Not only are they not taking responsibility they are allowing this to go on, the destruction of lives! Deception, destruction and death!
    Now they are going to allow marijuana into the mix? safer then alcohol? like saying a match is safer then a lighter, either way you can get burned and die. How can making more drugs legal help? How is oxycontin working out? Great for the companies and doctors/dentist making billions off it. Lawyers to, with all the destruction it causes, crime divorce, etc. How in the world did the FDA allow this to happen? I believe there will always be companies that would try to make money on dangerous products, but to have our own government approve it????? Talking about taking responsibility!!!!!!!!!!

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