From the 9/30 Show – Martha Rosenberg and “Born With a Junk Food Deficiency”

On Sunday night I interviewed Martha Rosenberg, author of “Born With a Junk Food Deficiency

America remains an amazing phenomena to this radio show host.  A combination of our freedom of expression in a technological age continues to equate to an uninformed populace.

In an internet world where the writers outnumber the readers our communities have become overtaken by what former guest Steven Perry defined as “The Darth Vaders”  The Darth Vaders are few, but are able to create dramatic destruction within a society that has a majority of compassionate and caring people.

“Darth Vader” came to mind after reading “Born With a Junk Food Deficiency” and interviewing Martha Rosenberg.  I believe Martha has created the awareness that animal rights groups, environmental groups, labor groups, and business groups need to better communicate.  Health, environmental and humane interests are community issues that are all intertwined.

Martha’s book has ingeniously and objectively created a wakeup call to reevaluate our priorities in this country.

Martha effectively reveals many transgressions in too many of our country’s industries.

The drug companies continue to present misleading information that is resulting in the harm of too many with the FDA’s blessings.

The meat, dairy, poultry, pork, egg and agricultural companies are lacking in self regulation and our government agencies lack little fortitude to “do the right thing”.  Whether your first priority is the humane treatment of animals, the environment, food safety, drug safety or protecting your loved ones from the egregious acts of a few, “Born With a Junk Food Deficiency” is a must read.

The radio show regularly laments that the business leaders and taxpayers continue to ask for less government and not better government.  If one supports less government then they must realize that government needs to be replaced with more community involvement.

Our collective complacency has opened the path for the Darth Vaders to add to our health care costs and community problems. Those who harm our population with dangerous drugs, dangerous food, and inhuman business practices need to be challenged.  While business and community leaders contribute billions to the political campaigns and are schmoozed by the politicians, their communities are slowly deteriorating.

Most lament and believe that it is only the populace who has gone to sleep as we struggle as a country economically.  The reality is that the business leaders are sleeping as the Darth Vaders march through our country creating unnecessary costs and destruction.

“Born With a Junk Food Deficiency” is a must read for those who are concerned about food safety, drug safety, animal treatment, and environmental concerns.  My hope is that Martha’s book will be an impetus for business leaders who will begin to realize we are all affected by bad behavior.

What a concept: Business leaders and special interests working together to create a stronger America!

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