From the 9/9 Show – Carroll County, Grayson County and a Request to County Administrators

Every week on the radio show I ask “why business, industry and the leaders in our country are sitting silent as the stories of economic and personal damage continue to grow”.  It is my hope that Sunday night’s show was a milestone show.  Gary Larrowe, the County Administrator for Carroll County, Virginia and Jonathan Sweet, the County Administrator for Grayson County, Virginia were my guests.

As County Administrators, Gary and Jonathan are responsible for the budgeting and operations of their respective counties.  The County Supervisors and Commissioners in our country make the policy decisions and every County Administrator in the country is faced with the budgetary constraints to follow the dictates of the voter and elected officials.  The County Administrator is an important position in our communities which few of us give much consideration to.

Gary and Jonathan helped make it clear what the prescription drug epidemic is creating in Carroll and Grayson counties.  To assume other County Administrators in the country are not facing the same issues as Carroll and Grayson counties would be naive.  I hope the residents of both counties are proud of the courage and insight Gary and Jonathon shared on the radio show.

The radio show has long lamented the “silence” of the epidemic. The silence remains the strength of the mavens who will continue to put as many drugs onto our streets as possible.

The new insight for the radio show is WHY the “silence” from our elected and public officials.  As the economic destruction continues forward, as companies struggle to find drug free employees, as drug related accidents continue to increase, as our drug related health care costs continue to increase, as drug related property crime continues to increase, as our taxes continue to fund the epidemic and as County Administrators continue to be deluged with requests to fund the drug fiasco our public officials “don’t want to give their community a negative perception”.

Every community is declining in the quality of life and every public leader thinks that they are the only community suffering.  The public official creates rhetoric while the common citizen lives reality.

Gary Larrowe and Jonathan Sweet are two remarkable County Administrators and leaders.  For every County Administrator in the country, this is an open request to contact the radio show and help break the silence that the prescription drug epidemic is creating in your community.

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