From the week of 4/28 – Milestones – NPR Exempted

I made the decision to suspend the weekly radio show.  Much has changed in the over 7 years since I started the show.

The origins of the show began with the realization of the increasing prescription opioid drugs reaching our streets and personally finding out that everyone had an opinion about the drugs or had been personally affected by the over distribution.

Like taxes and government corruption, I naively thought a topic that affects millions of families would be welcomed.  As the addiction rates began going up and the deaths increased, a conduit for discussion on the human and economic costs would be welcomed.

PAR was a pretty good radio show and future blogs will examine why the show did not attract a wider audience.

In the beginning, the masterful marketing for “pain relief” brought most reporters into the “opioid fold”.  “Pain Management” (PM) doctors proliferated and every article written in 2006 considered PM experts should be heard.

As the deaths increased over the years, our FDA and lawmakers remained silent.  The pill mills proliferated, phony pain management doctors were quoted and the news articles regularly blamed the individual for too many final outcomes from the rebirth of the opium plant.

As I write this, pill mills have diminished considerably, many pharmacists won’t fill the dangerous combinations that were once a staple, the “blues and ladders” are harder to get, and the seasoned reporters have become to understand the hoax perpetuated about “painkillers” (aka – narcotics).

Recently, a naive NPR reporter succumbed to the hype and marketing of the opioids.   The often repeated statistic of “100 million in pain” was again used.

Common sense dictates the lunacy of that number of people who would be potential candidates for the opioids.

The experienced reporters are understanding the marketing and use of special shills for the industry, but this NPR reporter allowed the interview without any feedback or comments from the tens of thousands of families who have buried family members from the improper prescribing of the opioids.

Thankfully, the naivety of the reporters has diminished, but NPR proved we still have work to do.

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One Response to From the week of 4/28 – Milestones – NPR Exempted

  1. Cathy Letalien says:

    That article in NPR is unbelievable! It blows my mind the comment “A Nation in Pain”!! Is this to mean we are all hurting enough to be on an opiate medication! That is crazy! What are we all in pain from? I did not see any discussion on what is causing a “nation in pain”! Just more discussion on how to bring more opiates to our streets! I am sorry but this is out of control! It is my understanding these opiates are causing quite a bit of pain which is completely the opposite of what they made them for! This country needs a better understanding of what is really going on.. When are we going to stop putting more and stronger opiates on our streets and start looking for answers as to why this is a “Nation in pain”!

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