From the week of 6/1- STOPPNOW Announces Support of BanOxyContin Petition and Demonstration on June 12th

NOTE: This is a personal opinion and not necessarily the opinion of STOPPNOW

The members of STOPPNOW   have been a dedicated group of individuals in helping bring more awareness to the prescription drug epidemic.

While other group leaders have remained silent, STOPPNOW has singlehandedly helped close many of the pill mills in Florida over the last number of years.

Another pill mill that STOPPNOW picketed was closed down recently

While many groups ask for money, support and prey on those who have lost loved ones, STOPPNOW has been physically demonstrating in front of pill mills for years.

Three years ago STOPPNOW supported the radio show’s efforts in picketing a Florida Medical Board meeting in Tampa. All other “anti-drug” groups remained silent.

Most anti-drug groups have a selective message that will not kick them out of the fraternity of Pharma and the growing multi-billion dollar treatment business.

Those who have lost dearly should not be fooled by agenda’s that cater to your sympathy with little intention of bringing education and prevention to our communities and change at the FDA.

STOPPNOW has recently endorsed the BanOxyContin petition.

STOPPNOW is the first organization to publicly recognize the BanOxyContin petition and this speaks volumes on the organization’s commitment to bring education to the prescription drug epidemic.

OxyContin started the epidemic, however, all other organizations refuse to acknowledge the importance of bringing the symbol of the epidemic before the American public.

STOPPNOW remains in the forefront of commitment and leadership on the prescription drug epidemic.  I hope you will begin directing your hope for change towards the STOPPNOW leadership.

Please support the upcoming STOPPNOW peaceful demonstration on June 12th in Fort Lauderdale in front of The Mind and Body Wellness Center at 4242 N. Federal Highway.

STOPPNOW understands that action is needed and not more rhetoric and pictures of loved ones lost.

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One Response to From the week of 6/1- STOPPNOW Announces Support of BanOxyContin Petition and Demonstration on June 12th

  1. Ru Merrill says:

    I have been following you. Signed the years ago. Actively ‘BREAKING THE SILENCE’ in MAINE. Love you all for all you do!!

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