From the Week of April 14th – Pain vs. Pills – Twisted Thinking

“Pain” is an interesting word.  The dictionary definition is different from every person’s personal definition.  The word “pain” brings memories of our last operation, dental visit, paper cut or twisted ankle;  not Webster’s definition.

Before the wider availability of opium derivatives, modern surgery room anesthetics, and local aesthetics, pain was considered an existential part of the human experience along with the sun and moon’s existence.

In the 19th century:  ether, chloroform, morphine and cocaine created a revolution for the medical approach to pain.  Beginning in the 1800′s, “pain” became a medical conquest and could be removed from the chapters that included the nebulous explanations only the Gods could explain.


Modern day opioids have caused tens of thousands of deaths and addicted millions.  It usually starts with OxyContin, Vicodin, Fentanyl, Dilaudid, etc.  The cocktail of drugs added to the initial opioid dose is causing disability and dysfunctional outcomes in both human tragedy and economic devastation in families and every community.

The dangerous drugs have been marketed ingeniously by Pharma.  Intelligent academia, writers, reporters and elite thinkers all think in terms of “pain is pain” and have been completely brainwashed by Pharma marketing.

Pharma, with the FDA’s blessings, have created the compassionate mantra that pain needs to be addressed.  The negative outcomes from potentially dangerous drug therapy will be discussed later.  We are an elite species that can discuss and avoid the negative outcomes as they arise.  Treat the pain!


The opioids are dangerous.  They have a proven track record of danger, death and destruction.  They have a history of addiction and family turmoil.

From the diabolical pharmaceutical company marketing approach:  “narcotics are a necessary part of medicine” at all levels of pain.

The path of least resistance for today’s reporter and medical establishment ends with Pharma’s premise to treat pain aggressively .

The twisted thinking starts with believing the opioids are “safe as prescribed” thanks to your FDA.

Ironically, people would never accept a dose of heroin unless they were in the most dire of consequences of pain.  Heroin remains an evil and negative narcotic in our society.

When the reporters finally understand that OxyContin and Vicodin are therapeutically as dangerous as heroin the reporting will change and fewer doctors and patients will be asking for the dangerous quick fix.

Pharma’s marketing will be understood.  FDA’s complicity will be understood.

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One Response to From the Week of April 14th – Pain vs. Pills – Twisted Thinking

  1. Cathy Letalien says:

    I just finished reading your blog. I cannot help but comment that I am in complete agreement and that it is just a matter of time before society understands the link between the recent rise in heroin use and pharmaceutical opiates. Unfortunately it will be too late for many as thousands have already died and millions addicted. The pain of this type addiction is unbearable as sadly I have witnessed it first hand. My son went from a strong healthy young man smart and funny with a zest for living and helping others. In a very short time opiate addiction destroyed his life. He is no longer here. I speak out as much as I can as I don’t want others to suffer as my son and family have. No one would have ever thought this would happen to my son our family. You think it happens to everyone else. Let me tell you it will happen to anyone opiates do not discriminate. Doesn’t mater who you are how much money you have who you know it simply sneaks up on you and your family before you know it. These are dangerous drugs and are addicting to anyone even as prescribed. I pray every day people will speak out and get it and help stop this unbelievable madness and dangerous path of “pain management” or whatever people want to call it. It is heroin just un the disguise of a legL safe drug. Trust me when I say these are dangerous drugs. Quick fixes most often come with consequences. Please help stop this tragedy and speak out!

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