From the week of August 10 – Robin Williams and the False Hope of Treatment

I am writing this with great sadness and, unfortunately, some anger.  From the multitude of tributes from friends and family, Robin Williams was as warm personally as he was to the millions who knew him through his work and personal appearances.  Along with the millions of people Williams touched in his life, I am mourning our loss this morning.

It has been widely reported that Williams suffered from “addiction” for many years.  He was in a “treatment facility” recently.

This is where my anger starts today.  I am tired of reading about people who have gone to treatment facilities a number of times only to die a short time later.  Treatment facilities have a horrendous failure rate and comfortably charge thousands of dollars for a short stay.  The money train of drugs has shifted to an outcry for more money and “treatment”.

Like the farce of “pain management”, the promises of “treatment” has to begin to be scrutinized.

Although progress has been made, Pharma continues to generate death and destruction from addictive and dangerous legally authorized drugs with the FDA’s blessing.  Few doctors today have the audacious fortitude to classify themselves as pain management doctors.  The quackery of opioids for chronic pain has been revealed.  People knowing they will face dramatic withdrawal or have not been motivated to finding alternative therapies remain the vocal disciples for the legal drug mavens.

A new dawn of realization needs to begin concerning treatment promises.  It has been reported that Williams problem was alcohol and depression.  I am assuming we will never know if he was given psychotropic’s during and after his last treatment visit.  But, the fact remains, his last treatment visit was a total failure.

As people are getting ready to march in Washington under the false cloud the sponsoring treatment facilities have helped create with an upcoming rally  and an organization called NOPE creates vigils requesting “corporate sponsorship”, the false hopes of a defunct treatment model in this country are proselytized.

Addiction and depression are created from deep psychological issues.  For some people an epiphany is created during their darkest moment and for others they suffer endlessly.  Former addicts are only able to help a few because everybody’s root cause of the addiction is different.

The false hope of treatment has to be revealed.  If Robin Williams couldn’t get the help he needed and was taken in by the lies a treatment facility brings, then I hope his death will begin to reveal an industry out of control.

The soldiers for the nefarious treatment industry has become the families who have lost the most.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams

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