From the week of August 31 – A Milestone Article in Tampa

Special note for the Tampa Tribune article Sunday, “FLORIDA HEALS FROM PILL MILL EPIDEMIC”

Elaine Silvestrini, of the Tampa paper, displayed that the journalists are beginning to understand the drug epidemic.  The masterful and diabolical marketing of “pain management” with Pharma’s help is slowly being revealed.

Silvestrini shared the history of Florida and it’s sorry past with pill mills.  Although Silvestrini did not delve deeply into the accomplices that were Pharma and the drug stores, she created a better understanding for the uninitiated on the major conduit for the street distribution that was taking place in Florida.

The article gave the history and growth of pill mills in Florida and the efforts put forth by law enforcement and the DEA.  Millions of pills were reaching the streets courtesy of pharmaceutical manufacturers, doctors and pharmacies.  A summary of the recently reduced deaths was properly recognized by Silvestrini and reported on.

My hope is that Silvestrini’s article brings more research and expansion on her breakthrough article.  Silvestrini exposed the hoax of pain management in the pill mill environment, but she still gave a pass to the too many licensed charlatan’s who get people hooked on four to six oxycodone containing pills a day with no hope for future improvement in their health.

The pain charlatans have gotten smarter.  They realize that as little as a few pills of oxycodone, mixed in with some benzodiazepine pills, neuropathic pills, psychotropic pills and a sleeping pill to end the day will create a loyal and dedicated monthly patient visit.  Fortunately, the person will remain alive, but have little hope of ever improving physically while on the cocktail of drugs.

Silvestrini’s article is an article I hope other journalists read.  My hope is more reporting will be forthcoming on the silence from the Medical Board and Pharmacy Board in Florida and beyond.  Articles better understanding the complicity of our state legislators and, in particular in Florida, why a former governor was silent as the pill mills prospered and grew.

The FDA’s complicity creating the moniker “safe as prescribed” for the opioids as thousands become addicted and die needs to be explored and questioned.

The journalist’s have many more opportunities for articles covering a period in history that could be labeled “genocide from prescription drugs”.

My ultimate goal is “not safe as prescribed” for the legal narcotics.

The genocide didn’t happen and continue by accident. I am pleased that Elaine Silvestrini has made a monumental step for a basis of reporting on so many needless deaths.

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