From the week of July 20th – The “Hoax of OxyContin” Growing in Awareness

About seven years ago I created the term “hoax of OxyContin”.  With billions of dollars in sales behind OxyContin’s history and gullible reporters continuing to believe the marketing myth of pain management, the logical summary of Purdue Pharma’s national boondoggle was a difficult concept for most intellectuals in 2007.

Additional drug companies jumped on the bandwagon of “narcotics for pain” and the money flowed to anybody who had an MD behind their name or an organization that would accept the blood money from Pharma for gain.

Over two years ago I wrote about the “diabolical marketing” and “conspiracy” of OxyContin.

Recently, a good summary was written mentioning the “National Conspiracy”

Aside from the old news of “conspiracy”, most rewarding in the article, is that the attorney’s are finally catching on to the conspiracy.  The lawsuits in California and Chicago should bring great hope to all those who have been affected.  It will be the attorneys who will begin to stop the epidemic.

I have been largely ignored by the phony groups who promote themselves and others by asking to bring pictures of their dead loved ones.  It pains me to see “vigils” on behalf of loved ones when they appear to have only one goal:  Corporate Sponsorship.

The exploitation of families who have lost so dearly continues to intrigue me while the plea for prevention and education go unheeded.  The   petition continues to be ignored by the hypocritical groups who prey on our emotions of lost loved ones or loved ones affected.

Collecting money from large companies and donors based on dead pictures has become the norm in the drug fiasco while Pharma continues to produce billions of pills with no opposition or pleas for more drug education.

The upcoming FED UP Rally in Washington in September represents the epitome of the exploitation of those who have lost.  Washington politicians, treatment facilities, and government have no intention of stopping the epidemic.  Too much money is flowing into both the manufacture and addiction business entities.  Politicians reap millions of dollars from Pharma lobbying.

Almost every sponsor of the FED UP Rally has more to gain from addiction’s growth than curtailing it.

The mantra for the FED UP RALLY is;  “Don’t forget to bring a picture of your dead loved one!”

It has become great PR for a company to attach their logo onto dead children knowing the epidemic is here to stay without effective educational programs.

My heart aches every time I hear of another person affected.  My heart also aches knowing how groups prey on loved ones to move an agenda that has nothing to do with education and prevention.

Pharma continues to control the message.

I am going to start to carry a picture of my favorite attorney.  No phoniness there.

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8 Responses to From the week of July 20th – The “Hoax of OxyContin” Growing in Awareness

  1. My “heart aches” that my article was referenced in this immature attack on the FED UP Rally. Total nonsense from someone who is out of his league.

    • Larry says:

      The truth will seldom elicit a positive or constructive comment from the people who capitalize and exploit the loss of loved ones.

      • You have hit an all time low Larry. But you don’t disappoint me because you are consistent in your cruel comments such as exploiting the loss of loved ones. Shame on you.

        • Larry says:

          Ignoring the BanOxyContin petition which represents the major symbol for the drug epidemic, foregoing education and prevention that will reveal Pharma, and then asking for pictures of lost loved ones while asking for corporate support fits the definition of exploitation to its most disgusting level. Shame on you and the Fed Up leaders for offering false hope and knowing the FDA, Pharma and the politicians are looking forward to the positive PR brought to them by FED UP and then business as usual the next day. Unfortunately, FED UP isn’t the only organization guilty of tactics by asking for the support from those who have lost so dearly.

  2. Christine Hedding says:

    You are a disgrace Larry! Shame on you . You are very cruel!

    • Larry says:

      Christine – I have been speaking out about drug misuse for almost 8 years. The cruelty comes from people who have ignored my message as tens of thousands have died and millions more have become addicted. The truth appears to be very offensive to some people.

  3. Sarah Mackin says:

    This is a despicable. It was also painful to read – there is such a thing as “overuse” of “quotation marks”, sir, and you have certainly done your part to bastardize the English language and cast a long, dark shadow on what used to be a sacrosanct realm for all journalists: grammar, syntax and the long-revered Oxford comma. Good God.

    Content aside, I am a little taken-aback at your ill-execution of beatnik-esque lexicon: lay off the Kerouac, friend – throwing around the word ‘phony’ does little to shore up your lack of research and myopic presentation of the facts.

    As for the “content”… For one – I would double-check your math. To say the least, the money donated to FED UP doesn’t even begin to compare to the profits reaped by Big Pharma and corporations that churn out painkiller after pain killer. And the last time I checked, pharmaceutical companies are more concerned with their bottom line – while the parents and members of FED UP are seeking to bring to light the pain and struggle of addiction and substance use disorders.

    If your ‘heart aches’ for those who have lost loved ones to the struggle of addiction, then do us (your reluctant readers) and your conscience a favor: stop posting half-baked, ill-conceived, up-against-a-deadline blog postings that are haphazardly passed off as “Journalism” (see what I did there?) and do some research. Why not interview a parent of FED UP who has lost a child, or have been forced to bear witness to the pain and suffering of those they love the most?

    You, sir, are a prime example of the wayward, psuedo-journalism. At the very least, PLEASE take a refresher course in grammar; it may not lend legitimacy to your unsubstantiated rantings, but it will sure make it easier to read. Run-on sentences and hanging clauses are not evidence of stylistic writing – they simply make your ignorance all the more axiomatic.

    • Larry says:

      Sarah – The truth always brings out personal vendetta and personal accusations. The truth has a tendancy to bring out the worst in those who have the most to lose. I would have appreciated a mention of the banoxycontin petition and more support for prevention and education. Revealing Pharma and their marketing tactics would undermine the FED UP support. After almost 300 blogs of supplying education and insight, I am happy you discovered my July 20th writing.

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