From the week of July 6th – Governor Chris Christie Puts Death Knell to Education and Prevention

I have long lamented about the “money train of drugs”:

The engine is Pharma who manufactures as many narcotics, amphetamines and mind altering drugs that they can put on our streets.

The coal and fuel car for the train are the government programs that have given carte blanche reimbursement.  The VA, Medicare and Medicaid are collectively the largest purchasers of addictive controlled substances.  A combination of the FDA’s mantra of “safe as prescribed” and the government programs of support creates billions of dollars in taxpayer reimbursements.

Intentionally or blindly the private insurance industry has followed in the largest mass narcotic and amphetamine drugging of a country’s citizens since China’s heroin epidemic in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The middle of the train contains the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, advertisers, politicians and pharmacy chains that reap billions of dollars from the distribution process.  The state regulatory boards offer little direction or penalties and remain silent as billions of pills reach our streets.

Our children are being drugged in masses that only the historians will be able to analyze and understand.

The caboose on the money train of drugs is the treatment industry.

Currently, the treatment industry offers the largest potential for profits and growth in the drug epidemic.  Addiction Medicine is growing, treatment facilities are expanding and buprenorphine and methadone sales are skyrocketing.

Methadone has become so profitable Mitt Romney’s former company has invested in methadone clinics!

The mantra has become, “we need more money for treatment”. The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) has mandated addiction services and our politicians are speaking in terms of “less incarceration and more treatment”.  The caboose filled with treatment options is expanding dramatically.



Recently, Governor Chris Christie indicated his concern for helping people with substance misuse.  I respect Governor Christie and I have no doubt he is sincere and means well.


Chris Christie has officially produced zero hope for the future of education and prevention.  The growth of addiction is in the manufacturing, marketing and the false hope of treatment success for millions of people.  Christie’s campaign will be partially fueled by the treatment industry.

Christie stated he had a friend “go through a dozen treatment programs” and his friend died from a prescription drug and alcohol overdose.

For millions of people, treatment offers the same false hope as pain management.  This writer’s hope for education before treatment is fading quickly.

There isn’t any money in education.  Education would curtail use and slow the growing demand for treatment facilities.

Education would also reveal the groups exploiting families who have lost dearly.

Organizations asking for pictures from those who have lost children, spouses, siblings, relatives and friends would be revealed for the false hopes created that Pharma, government, and the treatment industry has no intention of changing.

Education would cut many organizations off from the money the treatment industry offers and sponsors.

Governor Christie is the new insurance policy for the drug epidemic and Christie is today’s death knell for any hope for education and prevention.

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One Response to From the week of July 6th – Governor Chris Christie Puts Death Knell to Education and Prevention

  1. wayne yates sr. says:

    Our country is in ruin,addiction is the worst now than I can ever remember,more people are dying from all types of drugs,It is a tragady,I lost my 20 year old from heroin,he wouldnt have died from heroin if he never had gotten synthetic heroin,like oxycontin from friends they can get it anywear, most everyone who is younger just sells it,they get away with it cause drug companies dont care,doctors dont care our gov.dont care neither do the police,wow from random friends who were givin it for any pain,our society is so wrong its up to us to stand and fight for our rights to try to stop this problem of addiction,our country is weakened by the state of our youth,it has to change now from a angry father.

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