From the week of June 22 – Who Are the Bad Guys Here

Over a year ago, the boutique retailer Kitson   was widely lambasted for producing some discussion producing t-shirts that had Adderall, Xanax and Vicodin printed on them.   While the manufacturers Abbvie, Pfizer, and Shire remain anonymous manufacturing, selling, addicting and remain a part of killing tens of thousands, the industry supported “anti-drug” groups gained attention by castigating Kitson.

When Abbvie dropped their lawsuit against Kitson, the groups who capitalize and exploit the loss of loved ones remained silent.

The hypocrisy by the “anti-drug advocates” continues.  Recently their wrath is at Urban Outfitters   Urban Outfitters has created a pen that resembles a needle

It remains unconscionable to me that people are bringing negative attention to Urban Outfitters over a pen that creates discussion while the silence remains on Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, Endo, Mallinckrodt, Covidian, Pfizer, etc., etc., etc.   The drug companies continue to produce billions of pills to our streets and phony anti-drug leaders make a small retailer become the focal point for distribution and blame.

I continue to urge all who have been affected by the drug epidemic to review and critique the messages carefully created from groups who are “anti-drug.   You will see Suboxone supported by brand name and addiction services promoted (which is fine), however, a criticism of Pharma by names is rarely considered.

The FED-UP RALLY   remains another plea for contributions from all those who have lost so dearly.  As presently promoted, Pharma will go unscathed from the fall gathering.

The treatment advocates will be in full force at the FED_UP RALLY hoping to garner more money while the names of the pharmaceutical giants will not be mentioned.

“SAFE AS PRESCRIBED” is addicting and killing our loved ones while the silence concerning the sellers and distributors remains off limits in order to remain part of the club to capitalize and exploit our lost loved ones and those affected.

The   petition remains ignored and the AMA’s efforts to keep the status quo has been accepted.

I remain pragmatic and understand the money involved in the distribution of legal narcotics to our streets.  However, I refuse to remain silent as the phony anti-drug groups cozy up to the FDA and “silently” plan a demonstration in Washington that is useless and only a fund raiser and advertising endeavor for too many.

The response to Urban Outfitters needs to be analyzed.  Don’t let the exploiters of our loved ones remain unquestioned in their response to Urban Outfitters.

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