From the week of May 24th – FED UP RALLY – Buyer Beware

The support for the radio show has always come from the grass roots individuals.

The  petition has quietly been growing by a grass roots endeavor.  Thousands of people who feel helpless and overwhelmed by the special interests who profit from the distribution and destruction of the opioids continue to sign the BanOxyContin petition.

In the last ten years, a number of organizations and memorial sites have been created to bring attention to the addiction and deaths that are occurring.  However, few question why so many dangerous prescription drugs remain available courtesy of the FDA.

There hasn’t been a single organization or memorial site who publicly supports the BanOxyContin petition. The petition that symbolizes the epidemic and Pharma’s marketing of the opioids remains ignored.

The insincerity of the vast majority of anti-drug organizations continues to baffle this writer.  Most of the anti-drug organizations look for support and sympathy from people who have lost dearly.  Using that sympathy they appeal for donations from businesses and the public.  The education of the media and our children remain dormant.

In April, I wrote about the charade of the National Drug Summit that has become a large commercialized event and has garnered tens of thousands of dollars using the drug epidemic as the backdrop for donations.   Every money making industry attached to the epidemic gathered in Atlanta to garner more money and business for their organizations.

Thankfully, the media has discovered the ruse and little was written about the April fiasco.

There is a “FED – UP RALLY scheduled for Washington in September  Reading the intentions of the group indicates that another commercialized event is being prepared with little substance or desire to stop the epidemic.

Before you support the FED UP RALLY ask why the BanOxyContin petition is not being taken to Washington with them.  Ask why the BanOxycontin bracelets are not being worn by every person attending the event?

The FED UP RALLY has been positioned to capitalize and exploit your loss and caring.  Until the FED UP RALLY offers substance and sincerity to the endeavor, I encourage you to boycott the endeavor.

You have until September to influence the leaders.

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2 Responses to From the week of May 24th – FED UP RALLY – Buyer Beware

  1. What exactly would you have people do that really need these type of medications? There are people who have had horrific accidents and lived but have required extensive surgeries to live. What would you suggest those people do about managing their pain? There will always be someone somewhere abusing something.

    • Larry says:

      Below is the typical comment generated by the pain management industry and Pharma. Reading the petition carefully only pertains to OxyContin, the symbol of the lies and misrepresentation from Pharma since 1996. Pain relief will not be compromised without OxyContin………..However, what does Tamara propose to stop the addiction and deaths? The BanOxyContin petition advocates education and prevention.

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