From the week of May 24th – FED UP RALLY – Buyer Beware

The support for the radio show has always come from the grass roots individuals.

The  petition has quietly been growing by a grass roots endeavor.  Thousands of people who feel helpless and overwhelmed by the special interests who profit from the distribution and destruction of the opioids continue to sign the BanOxyContin petition.

In the last ten years, a number of organizations and memorial sites have been created to bring attention to the addiction and deaths that are occurring.  However, few question why so many dangerous prescription drugs remain available courtesy of the FDA.

There hasn’t been a single organization or memorial site who publicly supports the BanOxyContin petition. The petition that symbolizes the epidemic and Pharma’s marketing of the opioids remains ignored.

The insincerity of the vast majority of anti-drug organizations continues to baffle this writer.  Most of the anti-drug organizations look for support and sympathy from people who have lost dearly.  Using that sympathy they appeal for donations from businesses and the public.  The education of the media and our children remain dormant.

In April, I wrote about the charade of the National Drug Summit that has become a large commercialized event and has garnered tens of thousands of dollars using the drug epidemic as the backdrop for donations.   Every money making industry attached to the epidemic gathered in Atlanta to garner more money and business for their organizations.

Thankfully, the media has discovered the ruse and little was written about the April fiasco.

There is a “FED – UP RALLY scheduled for Washington in September  Reading the intentions of the group indicates that another commercialized event is being prepared with little substance or desire to stop the epidemic.

Before you support the FED UP RALLY ask why the BanOxyContin petition is not being taken to Washington with them.  Ask why the BanOxycontin bracelets are not being worn by every person attending the event?

The FED UP RALLY has been positioned to capitalize and exploit your loss and caring.  Until the FED UP RALLY offers substance and sincerity to the endeavor, I encourage you to boycott the endeavor.

You have until September to influence the leaders.

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From the Week of May 17 –, Senate Investigation and Silence  remains an amazing site    It has reached over 13,200 signatures and comments.  Almost 500 people have ordered the BanOxycontin bracelets.  This has been accomplished by friends sharing with friends.

Please ask why our government leaders, media, public officials, treatment facilities, medical groups and “anti-drug” organizations continue to ignore the petition site.

Please spend a minute reviewing the comments on the BanOxycontin site and reflect on why the most visible groups who profess to be concerned about drug misuse and addiction continue to ignore the website.

If you are in contact with a group who encourages you to bring a picture of your loved one to a gathering or looks for support in sharing awareness on addiction please ask why the leaders continue to ignore the site.  The banoxycontin bracelet has not been part of any gathering by those who ask you for money or presence to support their mission.  The bracelet has not been a part of any recent demonstration that asks our government leaders to bring more funding to addiction services.

Why do “anti-drug” leaders want your support and continue to ignore the petition?

The petition is not a radical or dangerous petition.  The petition highlights the product that started the current prescription drug epidemic.  OxyContin is a marketing phenomenon and not a miracle product that cannot be replaced by other opioids on the market.  Purdue Pharma, the makers of OxyContin, have been fined and convicted of misleading the public on OxyContin.

Frankly, I am tired of the insincerity of group leaders asking for your support without supporting the largest petition on the internet that is capable of garnering attention and discussion as our loved ones die and the stories increase on a growing heroin epidemic which OxyContin has been instrumental in helping create.

Ask why speeches are given in our schools and no disparaging words for OxyContin?  We have funding for drug education and no outcry against the marketing symbol that started the epidemic?

On May 8, 2012 Senators Charles Grassley and Max Baucas requested a full scale investigation that included Purdue Pharma’s marketing activities concerning OxyContin.  After almost two years the investigation has apparently stalled.

Please forward this letter to members who are affiliated with “anti-drug and education” groups and begin asking what the true agenda of their endeavors are.  Whatever it is, your money and support are not reaching our public leaders.  Why the silence on the Purdue Pharma Senate investigation?

With a start of over 13,200 signatures, the petition has a chance of gaining media attention.  Please forward the petition   The silence on the truth cannot continue forever.

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From the week of May 5 – Drugs, Alcohol, Prisons and The New York Times

An editorial from Eduardo Porter of the New York Times prompted this blog.      Porter shared the statistics in the growth of the prison population over the last 40 years.  In 2012, an estimated 2.2 million people were in America’s prisons and an estimated $80 billion was spent on prison and jails.

That was about the only thing Porter got right in his article.  The tired cliché of racism and poor policy was his dominant theme.

Last week Senator’s Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) stated “that as many as 85% of the people who go through the criminal justice system struggle with drugs and alcohol”    For a reporter to miss that startling statistic when commenting on the prison population is unconscionable.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a mental illness.  Porter did not report on the systematic closings of mental health institutions since 1960.  Our country has traded mental health care for prison care.

The marketing and selling of every addictive substance available has reached highly sophisticated levels.   The drug companies rationally drug our children and adolescents, the marijuana, tobacco and alcohol companies hook each new generation with greater tenacity and the “pain doctors” and “psychiatrists” addict the adults.  The schools and colleges remain silent as the Mexican drug cartels pour billions of dollars of illegal drugs onto our streets.

To stop drug distribution takes one of two approaches.  Singapore (death penalty) has a minimal drug problem.  Education (preferable) remains a concept out of the reach of most of the reporters and quoted experts.

Let the marketing, selling and distribution of the drugs flow and then complain about a rising prison system that is a direct result of our drug and alcohol policies in this country.

Major publications continue to allow the glamorization of the accomplices as the prison population grows and then rationalize the outcomes based on racial prejudice?  Where have the scholars in this country gone?

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From the week of 4/28 – Milestones – NPR Exempted

I made the decision to suspend the weekly radio show.  Much has changed in the over 7 years since I started the show.

The origins of the show began with the realization of the increasing prescription opioid drugs reaching our streets and personally finding out that everyone had an opinion about the drugs or had been personally affected by the over distribution.

Like taxes and government corruption, I naively thought a topic that affects millions of families would be welcomed.  As the addiction rates began going up and the deaths increased, a conduit for discussion on the human and economic costs would be welcomed.

PAR was a pretty good radio show and future blogs will examine why the show did not attract a wider audience.

In the beginning, the masterful marketing for “pain relief” brought most reporters into the “opioid fold”.  “Pain Management” (PM) doctors proliferated and every article written in 2006 considered PM experts should be heard.

As the deaths increased over the years, our FDA and lawmakers remained silent.  The pill mills proliferated, phony pain management doctors were quoted and the news articles regularly blamed the individual for too many final outcomes from the rebirth of the opium plant.

As I write this, pill mills have diminished considerably, many pharmacists won’t fill the dangerous combinations that were once a staple, the “blues and ladders” are harder to get, and the seasoned reporters have become to understand the hoax perpetuated about “painkillers” (aka – narcotics).

Recently, a naive NPR reporter succumbed to the hype and marketing of the opioids.   The often repeated statistic of “100 million in pain” was again used.

Common sense dictates the lunacy of that number of people who would be potential candidates for the opioids.

The experienced reporters are understanding the marketing and use of special shills for the industry, but this NPR reporter allowed the interview without any feedback or comments from the tens of thousands of families who have buried family members from the improper prescribing of the opioids.

Thankfully, the naivety of the reporters has diminished, but NPR proved we still have work to do.

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From the Week of April 14th – Pain vs. Pills – Twisted Thinking

“Pain” is an interesting word.  The dictionary definition is different from every person’s personal definition.  The word “pain” brings memories of our last operation, dental visit, paper cut or twisted ankle;  not Webster’s definition.

Before the wider availability of opium derivatives, modern surgery room anesthetics, and local aesthetics, pain was considered an existential part of the human experience along with the sun and moon’s existence.

In the 19th century:  ether, chloroform, morphine and cocaine created a revolution for the medical approach to pain.  Beginning in the 1800′s, “pain” became a medical conquest and could be removed from the chapters that included the nebulous explanations only the Gods could explain.


Modern day opioids have caused tens of thousands of deaths and addicted millions.  It usually starts with OxyContin, Vicodin, Fentanyl, Dilaudid, etc.  The cocktail of drugs added to the initial opioid dose is causing disability and dysfunctional outcomes in both human tragedy and economic devastation in families and every community.

The dangerous drugs have been marketed ingeniously by Pharma.  Intelligent academia, writers, reporters and elite thinkers all think in terms of “pain is pain” and have been completely brainwashed by Pharma marketing.

Pharma, with the FDA’s blessings, have created the compassionate mantra that pain needs to be addressed.  The negative outcomes from potentially dangerous drug therapy will be discussed later.  We are an elite species that can discuss and avoid the negative outcomes as they arise.  Treat the pain!


The opioids are dangerous.  They have a proven track record of danger, death and destruction.  They have a history of addiction and family turmoil.

From the diabolical pharmaceutical company marketing approach:  “narcotics are a necessary part of medicine” at all levels of pain.

The path of least resistance for today’s reporter and medical establishment ends with Pharma’s premise to treat pain aggressively .

The twisted thinking starts with believing the opioids are “safe as prescribed” thanks to your FDA.

Ironically, people would never accept a dose of heroin unless they were in the most dire of consequences of pain.  Heroin remains an evil and negative narcotic in our society.

When the reporters finally understand that OxyContin and Vicodin are therapeutically as dangerous as heroin the reporting will change and fewer doctors and patients will be asking for the dangerous quick fix.

Pharma’s marketing will be understood.  FDA’s complicity will be understood.

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