OxyMorons - Movie Review - Johnny Hickey Created a Great Movie Starring OxyContin

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Oxymorons - The movie, written, produced and directed by Johnny Hickey is premiering in Boston. The movie is a must see for many reasons. Most importantly, it is a great movie! OxyMorons will hold your attention for the 1:47 it plays. Action, dialogue, realism, and an ending you won't forget will bring people to the theaters to watch OxyMorons. The devastation the introduction of OxyContin in 1996 started in this country will be secondary to most who enjoy the movie. People who walk out from OxyMorons will be talking about it long after they have seen it.

Hollywood had their chance at this movie. OxyMorons was characterized as "an independent, low budget film, and with unknown actors. OxyMorons exemplifies the myopic thinking in the movie studios today. Johnny Hickey has overcome all odds to put out a fantastic movie...

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