Prescription Addiction Radio Show for Trump and No Apology for Being an Old White Guy

Donald Trump has said he wants to stop the drugs coming across the border.  With a present President who has done little to stop the drug trade at all levels, this one issue should be of importance to the millions of families who have been affected by the legal and illegal drug trade in this country.  The last thing most anti-drug groups and rehab outfits want is a reduction in the drug trade.  That would put them out of business.  I haven’t seen any drug organization supporting Trump.

Many in the press have made it a disparaging point that Trump is favored among the white males.  As a white male I want to address that issue. I came from a generation and community in which our fathers were important and were responsible for the safety of our family.  Trump represents an age old symbol of protecting our wives, children and grand children moving into the future.  Only the naive believe we don’t have enemies in this world who wouldn’t hesitate to send a child strapped with a bomb on their body into a wedding ceremony.  Our enemies don’t care what country the death and destruction takes place in.  Trump represents the reality that allows real men an extension of protecting our country and family.

Trump addressing the inner city issues has been met with disdain by the American press.

Real men are also deeply concerned about the death and destruction taking place in too many minority communities.  Everybody should be able to protect their children.  Trump offers a change of mindset on a serious issue.  My last blog addressed the economy of too many communities, “Drugs, Guns, Violence and Nike”.

The growth and independence of woman in my lifetime has been positive for all.  However, an important point has been missed in this election.  Many woman today don’t need a man for protection.  For many women, the government has replaced the role of the man in the family.  Women believe they don’t need Trump or men with the mindset of protecting family and country.

The older white male doesn’t want to usurp their responsibility to the government.  For most women, the government has become their protector.

It makes sense that Trump is polling near zero with the African American community.  The vestiges of history on what our white male forefathers did to the African Americans is horrendous.  I don’t dispute the atrocities of history, but I had nothing to do with that.  I want to make this a better country based on the strength and independence an individual effort brings.

There remains a great deal of money to be made to continue the mindset of the 1960′s and not allow us to move forward on race relations as a country.  The press feeds upon division because that brings greater emotions and attention.

For justifiable reasons, the African American community trusts the government more than the white male.  However, this is 2016.  It is time to move forward and roll the dice on Trump and a new generation of white males who want prosperity and equality for all.

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