War on Drugs a Charade

Since the Black Congressional Caucus supported the crackdown on cocaine after Len Bias died in 1986, prison beds have been built by the hundreds of thousands. The public outcry was to “save the Black community”. President Reagan and congress overwhelmingly passed a drug law that would later put hundreds of thousands of people in prison.

The politics looked good, but there was never any sincerity to stop the major drug distribution in our country and the 1986 legislation ultimately put billions of dollars into the coffers of the prison builders and judicial system. Congress and legislators brought in millions of dollars from lobbyists who wanted to build prisons.

This country loves their drugs. Reality is no longer welcome by most college graduates, but those are the facts. While Pharma pumps out multiple times the amount of amphetamines and opioids than in 1986, the prison-industrial complex has made billions of dollars arresting and incarcerating those who don’t play by the rules of Congress. If you are high enough on the food chain for production and distribution, and take care of Congress, the money made by the mass sellers of drugs, attorneys, police, courts, judges, prison guards and addiction doctors keeps the charade alive and well for those who make the phony claim there is a War on Drugs.

This country has never had more drugs within its borders, both legal and illegal, and the indoctrinating message is “The War on Drugs is a failure”. How can you call it a failure if there is no sincerity for the outcome and you continue to allow the production and distribution at higher levels every year? The buzz words, “War on Drugs” are directed towards the poor souls who get sucked into the marketing and distribution of the addictive and deadly substances.

There is no war against the distribution of the opioids. There is no war against marijuana. There is no war against pharma. You can get all you want.

As of this writing, Florida legislators are finding excuses to NOT limit the distribution of opioids.  http://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2018/01/05/rick-scotts-opioid-bill-is-getting-pushback-should-it/

China’s Mao Zedong eradicated the major sellers and dealers in China starting in 1949. That stopped the major drug issues in China. Today’s equivalent of Mao is the Philippine’s president, Duterte, who is killing the drug dealer.

The Taliban stopped the growing of opium in Afghanistan. Our country’s military resurrected the opium poppy in that country.

Our country doesn’t have the guts for following in Mao’s or Duarte’s footsteps. We don’t even have the guts to tell our children that drugs should never be taken. It would be bad for our economy and destroy the phony War on Drugs vernacular. We have a President who has said that we should educate our children about drugs. The War on Drugs brigade has remained silent on the President’s wishes.

Amphetamines and opioids are fine if you pay your doctor and pharmacist. If you don’t shell out money to the right cartel for the “legal drugs”, you go to jail.

Marijuana is shipped across the border by the tens of millions of tons. Our country is inundated with marijuana. The profits and proliferation of marijuana has met the crescendo of allowing the government to make more money from legally selling it than arresting people for it.

For tens of thousands of people marijuana and heroin is as important as food. We love our drugs. Those who suffer the consequences from too much be damned. Don’t build a wall. God Damn it, I need my drugs. God Damn it, I need the profits that drugs bring from across the border and who cares about the children whose parents are addicted.

Trump wants to build a wall, in part, to deter the drug importation through the Mexican border. The “War on Drugs” crowd needs to stop that wall. There is too much money at stake to curtail the drug distribution in this country. The industrial prison and legal complex, along with the mental health industry, would suffer financially. Stopping the drugs from crossing the border is counterproductive to the money that can be made from selling the garbage, responding, treating, burying and maintaining addiction services.

Stopping the manufacture, marketing and distribution of drugs by the kingpins would put to rest the charade of the phrase “War on Drugs”. War on Drugs is the code for “we want more drugs on our streets”. We need to increase the market share and number of people we can get hooked on drugs. It would be better business for the pharmacies, addiction houses, emergency rooms, first responders, medical examiners and funeral homes.

The War on Drugs mantra will eventually allow us to go back to the pre-1986 mentality and it will become socially more acceptable to addict the white community with equal fervor.

When is this country going to get serious about facing the reality and truth about our love of drugs? The “War on Drugs” offers little truth.

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