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High Price - Dr. Carl Hart

High Price - Dr. Carl Hart

A groundbreaking neuroscientist shares his story of growing up in one of Miami’s toughest neighborhoods and how it led him to his pioneering work in drug addiction.

As a youth, Carl Hart didn't realize the value of school, studying just enough to keep him on the basketball team. At the same time, he was immersed in street life. Today, he is a cutting-edge neuroscientist—Columbia University’s first tenured African American professor in the sciences—whose landmark, controversial research is redefining our understanding of addiction.

In this provocative and eye-opening memoir, he recalls his journey of self-discovery, interweaving past and present, Hart goes beyond the hype as he examines the relationship between drugs and pleasure, choice, and motivation, both in the brain and in society. His findings shed new light on common ideas about race, poverty, and drugs and explain why current policies are failing.

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Nicky's Songs - Nicky Baker

Nicky's Songs by Nicky Baker

Nicky Baker's talents as a singer, actress and new voice on the radio show are a welcome addition.

Her songs are an eclectic mix of melodiousness and originality, often with a meaningful message.

They are available to hear (and purchase) via her Facebook Artist Page, by clicking on the BandCamp (bc) button


Oxyana - Directed by Sean Dunne

Oxyana - directed by Sean Dunne

"Oxyana is a beautiful and savage poem, a breathing document, and most importantly, a work of nonfiction executed with compassion, objectivity, and commitment to cold, hard reality."
- Twitch Film

"a haunting glimpse at the American dream, collapsed."
- New York Post

"fascinating in its raw honesty."
- Wall Street Journal

"...vital, powerful and striking"
- The Playlist

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Born with a Junk Food Deficiency - Martha Rosenberg

Born with a Junk Food Deficiency by Martha Rosenberg

Are you suspicious of Big Food and Big Pharma? In this hard-hitting exposé, leading national muckraker Martha Rosenberg blows the lid off of everything you thought you knew about these gigantic industries. What's going on behind the scenes is more suspicious, more devious, more disreputable than you could ever have imagined. Rosenberg has gained the trust of more than twenty doctors, researchers, and experts who were willing to come forward and finally tell all.

Born with a Junk Food Deficiency includes explosive interviews with a number of military families whose loved ones fell victim to suicides by antidepressants. There are also behind-the-scenes looks at farms and slaughterhouses and interviews with farm workers that will profoundly affect food consumers. What the author reveals about government complicity, regulatory food and drug safety lapses, and legislative injustices will shock and appall readers.The message is clear: The pharmaceutical and agricultural industries are tainting public health through marketing disguised as medical education and research, aggressive lobbying, and high-level conflicts of interest.

If you’re concerned about the safety of the food you eat and the drugs you take, you owe it to yourself to read this important book

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Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself - Candace Plattor

Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself by Candace Plattor

Are you feeling exasperated and helpless about your family member's addiction? Are you at your wit's end, having tried everything you can think of to make them stop? If someone you love is engaging in addictive behaviors such as alcohol and drug misuse, eating disorders, smoking, gambling, Internet addiction, sex addiction, compulsive over-spending, or relationship addiction, you are undoubtedly experiencing unpredictability in your relationship.

This book presents a dramatically fresh approach to help you get off the roller-coaster chaos of addiction, maintain your own sanity and serenity, and live your best life.

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The Truth About Marijuana: America's Snake Oil - Ray Martinez

The Truth About Marijuana: America's Snake Oil by Ray Martinez

There are people who are misled about the genuine use of marijuana for medicinal use.

The Truth About Marijuana written by Ray Martinez exposes everything to the public what they really need to know regarding the truth about marijuana and how it should not be allowed to be legalized for it will become a subject for abuse.

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I Am Your Disease: The Many Faces of Addiction - Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis

I Am Your Disease by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis

Mom, nobody wakes up one day and decides to be an addict. The stories contained in this book are about people from every walk of life, socioeconomic levels, religious and ethnic backgrounds whose lives were intertwined with people who didn't "decide to be an addict." They all share one common bond - living with, and loving an addicted person. Contained within the pages of this book are stories by bereaved parents who have suffered the ultimate loss: The loss of their precious child.

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Unbecoming a Nurse - Paula Davies Scimeca, RN, MS

Unbecoming a Nurse by Paula Davies Scimeca

Until now, the dilemma of chemical dependency in the nursing profession has not received the factual, unbiased and sensitive treatment that this complex issue merits. By all accounts, the most conservative estimate is that one in ten nurses will develop a problem with drugs and/or alcohol within their lifetime. Some studies suggest the prevalence is double that. Given the millions of nurses licensed in the United States alone, even the lower assessment of ten percent represents nearly five hundred thousand individuals. If one were to calculate this number on an annual basis over a seventy year span, this would mean that more than seven thousand nurses cross an invisible line into what often becomes a very visible problem each year in this country.

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From Unbecoming a Nurse to Overcoming Addiction - Paula Davies Scimeca, RN, MS

From Unbecoming a Nurse to Overcoming Addiction - Paula Davies Scimeca, RN, MS

From Unbecoming a Nurse to Overcoming Addiction: Candid Self-Portraits of Nurses in Recovery is the long awaited follow-up to "Unbecoming A Nurse" which will be released in June 2010. The book chronicles the recovery of twenty-nine nurses from twenty states. These men and women come from a multitude of social backgrounds, beliefs and age groups. They represent the gamut of nursing specialties and various addictive disorders, including alcoholism, prescription drugs, illicit drugs and nicotine. Some nurses have also profiled in their story process addictions, such as compulsive gambling, eating disorders and codependency.

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Twelve Tens - Donna Mae DePola

Twelve Tins by Donna Mae DePola

This is an amazing story about a woman who is an incest survivor who's father filmed himself raping her from ages 5-17. She turned to drugs to cope. She tells an amazing and inspiring story about how she got clean, got comfortable in her own skin and uses her past to help thousands every day.It is a true story and a must read.


Trina's Section

Attracted to Addicts - Trina Hayes

Attracted to Addicts by Trina Hayes

From the author of Just Love Her: A Mother’s Journey of Healing Through Her Daughter’s Drug Addiction comes a new concept. Trina Hayes calls it ATA3—attraction to addicts, addiction and addictive behavior. Attracted to Addicts? It’s Your Time for Healthy, Happy Relationships is a timely book that will speak to those who have thought they were alone in choosing the same kind of relationship time after time.

Attracted to Addicts? is dedicated to those who are struggling to learn to love and forgive themselves. The author gently guides readers to review the patterns in their relationships. If you have ever found yourself in another relationship with an addict and wondered, How did this happen … again? this book is for you.

“Sometimes,” says Hayes, “the only way to identify why these unhealthy attractions are in your life is to recognize that the common denominator of all your past, troubled relationships has been you.” She adds that with that realization, you can take back your power and create peace in your life. “By understanding why you have attracted certain people into your life,” the author asserts, “you can let go of unhealthy relationships and learn how to attract and build new, healthy relationships.”

Hayes is a gift to those who know her. She connects with people heart-to-heart, and because of her experience and desire to live a healthy, happy life and create intimate, reciprocal relationships, she is able to encourage others to do the same

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Just Love Her - Trina Hayes

Just Love Her by Trina Hayes

Just Love Her is a riveting, inspiring, true-life account of a mother’s journey to heal herself, even as she strives to help her daughter overcome the ravages of drug addiction. For a story that is both practical and inspiring, you can’t go wrong with Trina Hayes' book, Just Love Her. Hayes has walked where parents fear to tread, learning important lessons along the way. Now she is eager to share her story, so that others can profit from the knowledge she gained. This is a love story, one that will inspire and teach far beyond parents and children touched by the ravages of drug addiction. Just Love Her begins with a forward by Angie, testifying that, indeed, the friend had given Trina the best possible advice, which was to Just Love Her When Angie made choices that left her hanging by a thread, that thread was her mother’s love.

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Drugs of Abuse: From Doctors to Dealers, Users and Healers - Michael Palladini, RPh, MBA, CAC

Drugs of Abuse by Michael Palladini

The new book that illustrates and describes the drugs that are commonly prescribed and abused, as well as the illegal drugs that continue to be used by millions.
Helpful to all interested in these drugs including: Professionals and Students, Parents, Law Enforcement...

Drugs of Abuse, Addiction Pharmacy is dedicated to providing increased awareness and education in the areas of drug abuse and drug information.

"Our goal is to provide quality, easy to understand information through the various forms and methods available, from print to electronic networking, to live presentations. We are dedicated to providing the drugs of abuse the forum that is absolutely necessary to allow for a thorough education to all interested individuals and agencies."
M. Palladini, RPh, MBA, CAC
Owner and Founder

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Shyness - How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness - Christopher Lane

Shyness - How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness by Christopher Lane

In the 1970s, a small group of leading psychiatrists met behind closed doors and literally rewrote the book on their profession. Revising and greatly expanding the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM for short), they turned what had been a thin, spiral-bound handbook into a hefty tome.

Almost overnight the number of diagnoses exploded. The result was a windfall for the pharmaceutical industry and a massive conflict of interest for psychiatry at large. This spellbinding book is the first behind-the-scenes account of what really happened and why.

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Blood on the Ceiling - Nelson Trout

Blood on the Ceiling by Nelson Trout

A riveting, no-punches-held, inside look at Nelson Trout’s excursion into the dark, lonely, and scary world of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. “Blood On The Ceiling” is a once-in-a-lifetime book which explores, in brutal detail, the kind of hellish existence that often accompanies life in the fast lane of drugs, partying and eventual isolation.

Some stories seem so unreal as to be hallucinatory, but every word is true. Meet unforgettable characters, many who have cheated death on an almost daily basis, only to run back to the needle, pills, and booze. But the best part of Trout’s work are the stories of recovery and success.

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Why Don't They Just Quit? - Joe Herzanek

Why Don't They Just Quit by Joe Herzanek


People do recover, every single day. But they can’t do it alone. Watching a loved one battle an intense drug or alcohol addiction can be a heart-wrenching, complex ordeal. Why Don’t They JUST QUIT? offers a ray of hope to families and friends of those struggling with addiction—giving you practical solutions and ways to begin their road to recovery. When you feel your life spinning out of control and you don’t know where else to turn, Why Don’t They JUST QUIT? provides the answers you so desperately seek.

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Incomprehensible Demoralization - Jared Combs

Incomprehensible Demoralization

Jared Combs’s Incomprehensible Demoralization: An Addict Pharmacist’s Journey to Recovery is a riveting story of a man’s descent into hell – and back. It is a tale of addiction, both to drugs and alcohol, and the almost certain outcome of a ruined life.

We have an erroneous vision of what an addict looks like. The person sitting next to you in church could be an addict. It could be your doctor, lawyer, postal worker, or the little old lady that lives next door. Incomprehensible Demoralization drew me in and held me captive. Jared Combs describes the life of an addict and pharmacist. His marriage was deteriorating, but the pills were more important. Through the Lord, his Church, the support of his family and AA, he has become a recovering addict. Combs seizes every opportunity to help others. Share his witness.

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The Heroin Road - Sam Quinones

The Heroin Road by Sam Quinones

The Heroin Road: A three-day LA Times series about the small Mexican town of Xalisco, where men emigrate to sell heroin and have pushed the drug across the US.

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A Season in Hell - Gwendolyn Noles

A Season in Hell by Gwendolyn Noles

A Memoir of Addiction
Authored by Gwendolyn Noles, Gwendolyn Noles

This personal memoir of Xanax addiction follows the descent of one woman into madness and incarceration and her surprising rise from the ashes into a world of recovery and self-discovery.

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Dead Meat - Steven Ferry

Dead Meat by Steven Ferry

If what is going on in the world today frightens you, then Dead Meat, How to Deep6 the Darth Vaders in Your Life Without Breaking a Sweat is your way out of the mess. It finds bottom on why things just seem to keep getting worse. When enough people wake up to this information and say “That’s it, no more of this!” we’ll have hope again, instead of vague feelings of hopelessness.

Think of this book as the Fifth Cavalry, bringing hope just when things are looking pretty bad. The simple truth is that every bad condition in any civilization has been made that way by bad people— Darth Vader Wannabes— who are bad not because they believe in something you don’t, but because they are driven deep inside by the need to do bad. Nobody said it made sense, but that’s the way it is.

Dead Meat answers, finally, the question of “How can you know who the bad guys are when they don’t wear black hats or black suits of armor?” If you feel your life could do better if you knew who in your life, close or far, felt it should go worse, then read the book.

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Sergio Michel

Sergio Michel

As an instrumentalist, Sergio Michel is regarded by many critics as one of the greats of his generation. Totally as an independent artist, Sergio has earned an impressive place and amazing international noteriety in the rock community. He is on campaigns, & shares official endorsements, press and official sponsorship with the likes of, Ritchie Sambora - Bon Jovi; Brad Whitford - Aerosmith; Joe Walsh - Eagles; Eddie Ojeda - Twisted Sister; Bret Michaels - Poison; Mick Mars - Motley Crue; Lita Ford - The Runaways; Chris Daughtry - Daughtry; Eric Johnson - Kanye West, Wycliff Jean, Just Blaze, Faith Evans; Chris Henderson - 3 Doors Down; Robert Randolph - Family Band; Meatloaf; Dave "The Snake" Sabo - Skid Row; Vernon Reid - Living Color; Wolf Hoffman - Accept; & many other legends.


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