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The Prescription Addiction Radio Show is a challenge to America to discuss the culture in our country that has evolved into accepting the silent epidemic that has created a growing number of addictions and death from prescription drugs for individuals and families.

The Prescription Addiction Radio Show is dedicated to the thousands of families who are being or have been affected by the misuse of prescription drugs.

The Prescription Addiction Radio Show is here to explore some of the challenges we face in trying to turn the explosion in the misuse of prescription drugs around.

The Prescription Addiction Radio Show believes that addiction is a predisposed disease, whether created by poor personal choices or created from following the advice of your doctor. No individual wishes it upon themselves.

The above is the mission statement for The Prescription Addiction Radio Show I read on occasion on the show and is on the home page of the website:

There is not a person reading this sentence who does not know someone affected by an addictive prescription drug. Whether it is a narcotic, benzodiazepine, amphetamine related, anti-depressant or an anti-psychotic, we all know someone affected. The multi-billion dollar advertising of our drug companies is moving our country into what I call a “prescription drug culture. The drug companies have convinced us that baby aspirin is bad and a drug with the same effects as cocaine, Ritalin, is good for our children. The Prescription Addiction Radio Show is on the cutting edge of a concept that will be in every radio market within the next two to five years. My thirty years of experience as a pharmacist, an MBA, ten years of corporate experience, raising a family, and life’s experiences has made me uniquely qualified to do this show.


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Novus Medical Detox Center of Pasco County, LLC is always looking for opportunities to inform people about our unique services. When we met Larry G and learned about the Prescription Addiction Radio Show we knew that this was for us.

Larry’s show is the only radio program in the country that addresses prescription drug misuse from the perspective of how it affects families and weekly brings awareness to the issues that continue to remain “silent” in our country.

Over 1200 visitors (unique) a month on Prescription Addiction web site. Since we have become a sponsor of Larry’s show and our web site was linked from Larry’s, our weekly clicks from his web site have steadily increased to over 150 per month. We are receiving calls from people who heard about us on the show. We know that the show is helping Novus.

As Larry’s show continues to attract guests like Joseph Califano and many authors and government officials, the audience grows not only in the Tampa Bay area but around the world on the internet.

We are very pleased with our experience with Larry and recommend his show for any other advertiser that is seeking to reach Larry’s growing audience of people who are realizing that they cannot continue just taking another pill.

Steve Hayes - Director Novus Medical Detox

Larry Golbom (Larry G.)

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